Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Now please, enjoy a post about… Me

Ah yes, probably the easiest blog entry I’ll ever have to write.

I have been asked by our illustrious leaders to write a quick intro post about myself, letting you know a little about who I am and why you should come back and check out my posts. Hopefully I can accomplish these tasks and not be forever shunned by my fellow fantasy bloggers.

My name is Danielle Monsch and I am a writer, predominantly though not exclusively in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres. Not yet published (le sigh) but I’m working on it.

So for me, fantasy, there was never a choice that this was indeed what I was going to write, some form of it at least. It’s always what I’ve really loved. Of course, it started with fairy tales. Then, I segued into various mythologies – Greek and Roman to start, going worldwide as time wore on. Vampires and other beasties followed, concurrent with a lesser interest in King Arthur and more medieval fantasy. To this day, all of these loves reside within me.

However, I can’t write pure fantasy. I’ve always needed a good dose of romantic love included in my stories for me to really connect with them.

Which brings me to Romance. I can’t write Historical romance, my voice is way too snarky and modern for that. The only historical I could write would be some sort of ‘alternate’ historical, which would fall under the broad fantasy banner anyway. Suspense/Mystery, I have never been good at, I don’t have the talent to write a yarn where at the end of it, you go, “I never thought it was that person!”. As for Contemporary, I have written a couple short stories and every once in a while I’ll get a seed of an idea for one. Having said that, usually I kinda find them boring. True, some writers are amazing with contemporary and I do enjoy the occasional story set in the everyday world, but just like I can’t enjoy a pure fantasy story, I find romance not a lot of fun if it is about the emotions of the two protagonists with nothing exciting going on around them.

Yes, I want my love and sex. I also want swords swinging, guns firing, and good guys punching out the lights of the bad guys. Adding in a few monsters and magic, that just makes it awesome for me.

So, Paranormal Romance, where in the end the bad guys will lose and my romantic side will definitely get my Happily Ever After, and Urban Fantasy, where I can indulge my dark and uncertain side but still have love included, even if that HEA is not necessarily going to follow.

I’m excited to share my love of fantasy in this blog along with a touch of my writers journey. Of course, the ultimate goal is that I’ll be able to share my stories with all of you, but we’ll take that one day at a time. Til then, let’s have fun here.


  1. Loved the bit about 'snarky'. That said a lot.

  2. I'm with you...I love to read mystery but haven't a clue how to write one and keep the mystery a mystery. But give me a good swashbuckling adventure to pen and I'm off!

  3. I agree about writing straight mystery. Would like to know how to write a really good one myself. Although I do think most stories have some mystery, puzzle, etc in them that needs to be solved.

  4. Hi Danielle! Loved your introduction. That's funny about historical. I would love to write historical! But it focuses a little too much on reality for me. Too many "details" that you can't just make up. I love the snarky voice. That's one of my favorite kinds. I hope to read a story of yours soon. :-)

  5. Thanks for the first day comments ladies! Glad you all enjoyed, and look forward to more posts to come.

  6. You said it, Danielle! And I too hope to read your work soon!