Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Just Have to Laugh!

Have you ever read a story and laughed out loud? It occurred to me, that some people might not. I do all the time! Probably every book I read. At least once. Whether it’s an awkward moment or the hero says something lame (but I happen to find him endearing). There’s always at least one moment when I giggle.

But then there are those especially funny books… The ones that you just have to share! But sitting in my house, it’s either my husband or puppy. Neither of them particularly cares. But I must share how hilarious this was! I try to paraphrase, but he doesn’t get it. I read it word-for-word… still no laugh.

“No! You don’t understand. This is classic. CLASSIC.”

Yeah… nope. Not even a grin. Now occasionally, I can coax one out. But it’s only because I’m being ridiculous. Not because he took my side in the book argument.

I guess this is what happens in real life. It seems strange to me that someone could read this GENIUSNESS and not crack a smile. Are they reading the same thing?

Then it got me thinking… Maybe it’s like jokes. The Comedian was hilarious when he said it, remember? You try to imitate their tone, their emphasis. You think you’ve got it going on. Then you finish the joke… silence. Even family members won’t humor you. Then it starts the whole… “I didn’t say it right. When this guy said it, it was hilarious!” But at that point, you’ve ruined the joke for everyone. Way to go. Because ten bucks says that person won’t even laugh when the Comedian says it… because all they will remember is you crashing and burning.

Harsh right? Comedy is a tough world.

But for me, it’s simple. Make me laugh out loud, and I’m yours forever. I think its one great thing about the paranormal romance market. The authors can master dark and compelling stories and characters. But humor creeps in. All I’m asking for is a little.

What about you? Do you laugh out loud, or do you keep your amusement to yourself?


  1. I'm always excited when I come across something in a book that makes me laugh aloud--it doesn't happen that often but when it does...And of course nobody but me appreciates Harry Dresden fighting a plant monster in Walmart, or Sookie sending outraged Eric and Bill marching outward from her house by revoking their invitations, or just about anything Stephanie Plum does or says. Love some humor in my urban fantasy!

  2. Who doesn't like to laugh? It's one of the best tension relievers.

    One of the absolutely funniest scenes I ever read was a western historical. The heroine was pretending to be a lady. The hero was faking being a cowboy. About 2/3 through the book, they ate at a fancy French resturant with a menu in French. Since the heroine couldn't read French, she told the hero that a gentleman always ordered for a lady. He did, and when the meal came, she didn't recognize the food. She asked what it was and he told her, "Brains, because she needed some." I nearly wet my pants.

    In my book, The Trouble With Mother, I didn't start out to write a romantic comedy. But with an opening scene of one sister demanding the other sing happy birthday to their mother, who happens to dead and is ashes in a vase, it just happened. It lead to one scene after another.

    People tell me that my fantasies have lots of humor, too. I don't always see it. I just write the scene and hope for the best.

  3. Yes, make me laugh and I'll buy every book you write. Make me laugh in a movie theater and I will pull out the wallet for your next one.

    Hell, I read the Sunday funnies at Starbucks and snicker... I see jokes coming in the movies and start chuckling before they hit! And a book with something fun?

    I'm lost. Best one so far? "What the Dogs Taught Me" by Merrill Markoe. I haven't met a person yet who can resist reading the first scene outloud to whoever is in the room with them.

  4. Hi Suzanne! I think the great thing about humor in Urban Fantasy is that the content is dark, the MC is struggling, and sometimes authors time it just right so that a joke happens just when you need it. You're almost shocked into a laugh. At least, that's how it is for me. Love it!

    Hi Darcy! I wish I could say I didn't try to add humor into my work, but most the time I sit around laughing at my own jokes. Which never make it through the first edit :-) Then I have to think "Be subtle! The goal is to make OTHER people laugh."

    Wow Maureen! I'm going to have to check out that book! A scene that everyone has to read out loud?! I'm so in.

  5. It's sort of a dialogue between Merrill and two of her dogs...reads like a play, but if you know is so on...!

  6. I love unexpected humor in stories. Although, I agree with what you said to Suzanne. I like it when it's something that just happens and not because the author is trying. Although, I LOVE some of your humor. It gets me giggling.

  7. I love dogs!

    Lol, Sarah. Thanks. I can now safely say I'm not the only one laughing at my jokes. Progress!