Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If I Could Have a Superpower I’d…


I think my current WIPs show that I’ve got a thing for wings. I’ve got a story with a bird shifter and a series about Fae sisters. So while I’d pretty much take any power that came my way, my current preference would be a wicked set of wings.

I think if I could fly it would make my work more authentic. I wonder if anyone would buy that… “Hello book gods... I’m going to need some wings to make this experience more enjoyable for the reader.”

It would be for them… And me. Because who wouldn’t want to fly?! Except for maybe if you’re afraid of heights. But in that case, there’s no reason to fear! You can fly now… which means you can’t fall. Unless someone shoots your wing. That wouldn’t be very nice of them and kind of makes my point moot.

I think fiction shows that if you have powers, someone will inevitably want to kill you. That’s a sacrifice all the gifted have to accept. Kick ass abilities means you also have to fight for the right to breathe. Is this a fair trade? Would you make it?

What power would you choose? Any power you wouldn’t want?


  1. I fly a lot in my some ways I feel like I do fly and I know how to fly. Know how it feels...and it's a wonderful thing to know!

  2. Fun topic! I'd like some of that never-aging immortal stuff, please. What I wouldn't want: the ability to see the future. No, thank you!

  3. Nice, Maureen! I encourage flying. Except for planes... I dislike flying in those. I guess that kind of makes my whole post ironic.

    Great idea, Suzanne! Being immortal would be cool. For a while. :-) Knowing the future would be very tough. I think it would drive reasonable people insane.

  4. I'm with Suzanne, gimme forever.

  5. Lol, it would be interesting to go on forever. Until thousands of years pass and life becomes monotonous. Have no fear though, you'll inevitably meet a twenty-something mortal who will revive your faith in humanity. ;-) I should mention that this mortal will be seriously good looking.