Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why You Need to Train Your Dragon

I watched How to Train Your Dragon last weekend, something every fantasy author should do. Even if you don’t have dragons in your story. I took some notes while watching the movie.

Why it’s worth watching How to Train Your Dragon:

Every beast has a belly.

Even the wildest of beasts have their mates.

Everyone wants to be understood.

The unexplained often leads to beauty.

The definition of strength differs by the source. The dictionary couldn’t possibly hold all the meanings.

Your father will always be your father.

“Bad dragon.”

Fire melts ice, but only if it’s aimed in the right direction.

Every dragon has a bigger dragon. The bigger dragon is meaner, too.

Leadership is often flawed, but somebody has to do it.

True friends help you when you’re down.

Then toward the end, I was thinking “If thousands of dragons can’t tame it, you can’t either, human.”
*Shakes head… grumbles about idiots*
You’ll just have to watch the movie to see who the idiot is.

So where does that leave us? I’m not exactly sure. I just thought I’d throw these notes out there. Because despite writing different genres, authors always focus on theme. Isn't fantasy about saving the world, realm, or planet from ultimate destruction? Good must overcome evil. Humanity must survive.

I don’t think it really matters what we write or what we watch. What we believe will always shine through in our voices. Even if it’s subtle. Maybe no one else will catch it.

I can watch a movie about dragons and still cry. A cartoon movie. Because I will always sympathize with the character. I’m rarely indifferent.

In my worlds the hero will always win, the heroine will always bring him to his knees, and the world will be safe. Personally, I write how I want the world to be. Straight up with fae creatures, avenging warriors and unexplainable powers. Heartache, love and the preservation of individuality.

Do you read books because you wish the world was a little similar? Or do you use them as escape?

Last question… “May I please have a dragon?”


  1. Oh my goodness. If anything else, I LOVED this line of the blog "In my worlds the hero will always win, the heroine will always bring him to his knees, and the world will be safe." I really like books where the hero wins and yet the heroine can bring him to his knees. That's just so awesome. :-D Sorry for the gushing moment.

    Great blog! I haven't seen that movie. Great notes though. Some of them are quite timely with my own novel. =) I seriously can't wait to read your Fae books now. Mwahaha!

  2. Great notes! It reminds me that we always have these underlying "truths" in whatever we write, whether we're aware of them or not (I've started trying to be aware of them BEFORE I write the book and not spot them afterward--LOL.) Now I want to see the movie!

  3. Thanks Sarah! In my Fae book, they fall all over each other ;-)

    I'm glad it made you want to see the movie, Suzanne! It was great. I try to be aware before I write now, too. It's harder for me to fix things after I'm done.