Friday, February 11, 2011

Bringing the Paranormal Sex-ay Back!

Alright people, we need a break from all of these earnest, thoughtful, educational type blog posts.  Damnit, we are Romance readers and writers!  We need to get our groove shaking on.  Put a little boom-chicca-wow-wow music on in the background and let us talk of ~ nay... celebrate ~ the sex-ay of our chosen genre.

 I love writing for this blog because I know I am talking to my people, fellow lovers of romance and adventure who are just a little different from the norm.  After all, who are the love interests in the paranormal world?  Blood drinkers?  Check.  Undead?  Check.  Furry, fangy things?  Double check there.  Shapeshifters and aliens and demons, oh my!

I guarantee for most of us, Beauty and the Beast was our favorite fairy tale.

While watching me read a vampire romance, my husband goes, "That's necrophilia you know."

I sweetly reply, "Shut up.  I don't talk to you about your cat girl thing, leave my vampires alone."

Even more exciting... and yes, I will go there... is when the sex scene involves the superhuman displaying their superhuman tendencies.  When the vampire's fangs come out, the werewolf is a little hairy, the demon is a little horny (tee hee) or whatnot, this is one of the reasons I read paranormal versus, say contemporary, where no one has claws and no wings will sprout.  Boring.

Do I know why I so love my otherworldly love interests?  I do not.  I am not that self aware, and I don't want to scare any psychiatrists asking one to try to figure out my brain.  I just know I have extra enjoyment of a romance when one of the love interests is not human, and therefore not bound by human modes of conduct or subject to human frailties.  It's exciting to wonder what this being will do next, it's heartwarming to see them so humbled by their love... and yes, reading how those not-quite-human powers give them a little extra oomph in the bedroom department, it makes me glad how a paper book can be used as a makeshift fan in a pinch.

So what are your favorite extra human love interests?  And  like me, are you happy to see them display that extra human goodness when things get hot hot hot?  Share here my fellow paranormal romantics!  Let us unite!


  1. Necrophilia...I love it!

    I admit, I don't really read the shifter/vampire/demon lover stuff. But add some magic into it and I'm hooked. Some extra magical zing to the moment and yeah, I go for that!

  2. Okay, I'm little bit straight, but I do believe romance and paranormal go together like peanut butter and jam. Paranormal puts an edge into a story that a routine romance doesn't always have.

    But shaking things up is good, too. Go for it, Danielle.

  3. I'm a sucker for werewolves. There's just something about a man who howls. ;)