Monday, February 7, 2011

When You Learn The Game Is No Longer What You Thought It Was

Sometimes life yanks the rug out from under you. I’m at that place where I’m sitting on the floor wondering how I got there and wondering in which direction I should walk once I get back up.

I’m not talking about a situation when you are beaten down and don’t know how to go on. Not at all. I’m talking about when you learn that something no longer holds true. That everything you believed about something no longer fits your idea of its former truth.

When I first started writing with the intent to publish I made a solemn vow. I swore to myself and everyone who would listen that my work would sit on my hard drive until hell froze solid before I would self-publish anything. That was back in the days of paying vanity publishers and then paying for your books in the hope that you might be able to sell them on your own. And to that model I still say, no thank you. That was a mere five and a half years ago.

Then last fall I became involved with a talented group of writers on the Everything Erotic blog project. We contribute stories and articles each month and then the work is compiled into an ebook and suddenly I have come to understand the power of the market for ereaders.

Now I am involved with a second project with some of the same writers and a few others. Once a week, we submit a chapter or part of a chapter on the Free Fantastical Fiction blog. Once we post half of the work, the rest will be self published and then we see what happens. I’m having fun with this. I can’t wait to see what happens when I cut the book off and put it out to let the market decide its fate.

Yes, I am doing what I said I never would. And based on our group project sales numbers, I feel very good about this little experiment. I’ve heard this kind of publishing called going rogue. I like that. I like the sound of it and the feel of it. Do I expect to make a fortune off this one book? Of course not. But I expect to test the water. Perhaps the traditional way isn’t the only way to success these days. I’m willing to find out.

What about you? Does going rogue sound appealing? Frightening? Like the flash of an eye opening lightening strike? Have you tried it yet? If you have, will you do it again? For me it’s the lightening strike. And I may never walk the same path again.


  1. I tend to believe that if you shout out to the universe that you will never do ....fill in the blank... The universe only hears the (fill in the blank) and viola! That's what you get!

    I also believe in you just never know! So, if it works, it works. If it doesn't work, it doesn't. You still learn something. What you're doing sounds like a great way to test the market and dip your toes in!

  2. I once also said "never" and now I say "well, maybe," although it's not my first choice. Best of luck to those making a go of it, though!

  3. More and more writers that I know are seriously thinking of using Kindel as a means toward publication. I've read what they write and it's damn good, so why not? Traditional publication isn't what it used to be . . . New venues are opening up. I say, 'Go for it!'

  4. I think "going rogue" has opened up another exciting option in the world of publishing. I wouldn't rule it out and know of many traditionally published authors who are now taking this path to re-introduce their backlists to the world. Never slam a door or burn any bridges - you never know when you might need another way out of a corner! ;-)