Saturday, March 5, 2011

If it's 5:30am- this must be the gym

Today I’m going to go a tad off the writing tangent- however-it does tie in ;).

Today I’m rambling about the importance of being a HEALTHY writer. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not. Not yet anyway :). I have health issues and am about 50 pounds overweight. At 47, problems are only going to get worse, not better, so I need to start the good fight now.

I’ve started going back to the gym.

I’m a morning person, but even for me getting up at 5am to go down to the gym before work ain’t a lot of fun. But this month I’ve been trudging down there, doing my warm up, lifting my weights, stretching, and heading home to shower and change before work every other day. And I actually am starting to feel better. Us women folk especially tend to under-estimate the benefits of weight training. Especially as we get older, we REALLY need it though. Muscle loss is a serious problem, along with bone thinning- muscle mass helps your bones too ;). So every other morning, like it or not, raining or not- I’m off at my 24 Hour Fitness shoving the pins on the weight machines around and trying to at least slow down the whole aging process.

And here’s why all of you should be with me :).

1) Writing is sedentary. Even if you’re like me and have a day job, chances are you’re not out stomping around somewhere- most likely your Gluttious maximus is in a seat all day. Our bodies aren’t designed for that. Human bodies ned to move or we stop working.

2) When the body is happy (aka being used ;)) the MIND is happy :). The mind/body connection is important and we need both to be healthy to do our jobs. A fit body (or fitter-LOL) will keep the brain chunking along through all the writing/editing/swearing we have to do as writers.

3) You get to people watch some VERY interesting people. So while you’re stimulating your body, you’re observing how people move, talk, work out (or in some cases, don’t work out ;)). Major and minor characters pop into my mind as I'm working out.

Now, I’m using the example of going to a gym, but going to a mall for a walk, or lake or park- and lifting cans of soup at home works too. The brain will work better when the body is up to snuff- so get out there and DO something! Your characters will thank you :).


  1. And it staves of injury. Last month I spent weeks in rehab after inciting a revolt from the deep muscles at my right shoulder. Woke up in accute pain at 2am and ended up at urgent care on a Sunday morning, unable to move the arm without screaming...


    When bent over that keyboard, remember to straighten the back, roll the shoulder back, drop the arms and pull them backward... My plan is to get back to the gym as soon as the risk of pissing off my shoulder can be balanced by improving it's freedom of movement.

  2. Excellent point Maureen! Hope your shoulder is feeling much better VERY quickly!

  3. What was the number one reason that made you got back to exercising, Marie? I need some inspiration. Old and over-weight needs some incentive. Should we start a contest?

  4. Ugh. I need this too. I tell myself, Ok, couch potato-girl, tomorrow you get up an hour earlier and hit that stationary bike. And then I go back to sleep. I need somebody to kick my butt.

  5. Well Darcy, I got really sick and tired of being sick and tired ;). I hate how my clothes fit, I hate that I can't do things I want to do. And fear. I have HBP, High Cholestrol, and Diabetes- these three scare the heck out of me and I'm finally fighting back (and for those of you who don't have them yet- if you're over 40 and overweight- you might be joining me soon...and ya don't want to!). I am soooooooo up for a contest or fitness co-op if you or anyone else is game! (Goes for you too Suzanne ;))