Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Do You Believe In Vampires?

It used to bother me that my husband isn’t interested in the supernatural. I didn’t understand why he wasn't fascinated by vampires, witches, magic and weres. But lately, I’m starting to think that it’s a good thing he’s not a big believer because otherwise I might be in trouble. Sometimes I find myself so engulfed in my imaginary worlds, that I start to believe a little too much. This is usually around the time that I stop laughing at the “writers are crazy” references I read so often on boards and loops because I start to think… Okay, but I’m actually going a little crazy here. It’s officially not funny. But then the phase passes, and I can laugh again.

So my question for today is: Do you believe in this fantasy stuff?

I feel like people can come at this question from so many different angles. There’s a wide variety of the paranormal, such as the spirit world and ghosts. There are the vampires and weres. There are the superheroes, villains, alternate realms, made up powers, wizards, mythology, and the Greek gods. Holy cow. How do you decide what to believe? Is it a personal choice? Do you want other people to believe, too? Are you a ghost activist? A vampire rights advocate? A faerie champion? Are they out there? Are they hiding? Are they waiting? I can see how a writer’s sanity might be questioned when they start to wonder about all these things. I ask these questions because this is all worldbuilding. As authors, we have to build our worlds, realms or planets. So as we’re building, are we considering the real world applicability? Are we just being creative? Can you write a sexy vampire without believing that a sexy vampire might be out there lurking in the dark?

I think a part of me believes at least a little of what I write and read. Do I want a vampire to knock on my door and tell me he believes I’m his one true mate? No. I don’t think my husband would be very happy if a random vampire showed up and tried to get fangy. But I don’t doubt it could happen to someone. (Hopefully someone single.) It’s not so much that I believe, as that I don’t doubt.

I grew up with Harry Potter, so I’ve always been fascinated by magic. Charmed was my obsession before I discovered paranormal romance novels. I like the “other” because I’m not always thrilled with the normal. But sometimes I wonder what percent of this do I believe and what percent do I accept? I have a feeling it’s not a good idea for me to say one way or the other, because my ideas and beliefs are always evolving. I’ve been caught doing more than one thing I said I’d never do. So I’ve officially obliterated that word from my vocabulary.

Sometimes I think I should write down everything I believe and tuck it away. I’ll pull it out in ten years and if I still believe it, then I can post it for all to see. This whole internet thing is crazy. Whatever I say here is out in cyberspace forever. It makes it hard for me to blog sometimes because I wonder if I’ll even believe the same thing next week. But my attraction to the paranormal has been consistent. What I believe or don’t believe isn’t really the focus for me. Rather, it’s what can I think of next?

Do you believe in vampires, werewolves and shifters? (Oh my!)

Do you like to believe that the authors who create our favorite worlds believe in them?

Or are you thinking… It’s just fiction. I use it to escape. Duh.


  1. Good food for thought, Kinley! I do believe in ghosts, because I'm sensative to them. the others I think are legends which are based in fact, but elaborated on. Like a child's game of Gossup, the story comes out very different from where it began.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ilona! I recently attended a talk where Neil McNeill, a paranormal expert, spoke and it was really great. He wanted us to take away that ghosts are people, too. I really learned a lot and recommend his talks if anyone is ever in the area where he's speaking.

  3. I believe in a lot of things that can't be explained, but vampires are not among them. I'm speaking as a woman whose ancestors grew up in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania and whose great great grandfather was named Lupu (Wolf). :)

  4. Thanks for commenting, Julia! The Carpathian Mountains fascinate me! That's very cool that your Ancestors are from there.

    I believe in a lot that can't be explained, too. I just wonder where people draw their lines. I'm not sure I've drawn any lines in the sand yet. :-) My husband doesn't believe in anything unless it can be proven and I don't not believe unless it can be unproven. Makes life interesting.

  5. I've had too many experiences with the paranormal not to believe. Ghosts haunted me when I was young and I know that I'm psychic on some levels. But, are there really vamps? Yes. Are they magical, mystical beings-- in their minds maybe. Do they need blod to survive? hmmm.. Debatable. Great post. I choose to live in my otherworlds. They are so much more fun! :)

  6. I believe there are evil things here on earth, and a lot of things we can't explain, but not vampires. But the myth is fascinating anyway. I love anything with a mysterious twist. I love mysteries and puzzles.

  7. Thanks for visiting, Rachel! Love your perspective! I like to live in my otherworlds, too. It's way more fun :-)

    Hi Anita! There's a lot of the unexplained. Perhaps I don't need to know everything as long as I love to read about it! I'm a mystery and puzzle fan, too!

  8. I grew up with a ghose. Didn't like him either. Even so, I'm hesitant to say I believe, but then again my friends think I am quite psychic and want me to pull information from the stream over my head to tell them what will happen. Sooooo, if I can do that, why can't there be other human beings or creatures who can do things I can't.

  9. Hi Darcy! I agree.

    Even though I don't have any cool powers, it's not very fun to think no one does.

  10. Ah...what don't I believe? For me some things are possible, some things are probable...nothing is impossible.