Saturday, June 11, 2011

The book in the back of our hearts

I was thinking about this the other day, books that live in our souls, but just haven’t come to the surface yet. Maybe they’re a technology problem, we know what we want to do, but feel our skills aren’t there yet (sort of like Lucus going back and adding special shots to Star Wars since the tech wasn’t there to do what he wanted at the time ;)). Maybe we feel that the market isn’t there right now. Maybe we’re caught up in a dozen other worlds and can’t break away to dive into this one.

But they hide in the back of our minds, flitting to the surface briefly, then diving back into obscurity.

Now this isn’t the same as having other books on your TBW pile. This is a book that just really sings, but doesn’t want to come out of the shadows yet.

I have one.

I have a number of ideas percolating on my TBW (to be written ;)) pile. But there is one that I think about from time to time- but just am not ready to dive into. A big ol’ stomping epic fantasy, ala Lord of the Ringish- movie not book- but with a lot less “boys club” , a lot more kick butt girlpower, and some serious romance (um, and fewer wee folk, no golum, no Sauron, no…you get the picture)with a wee bit of Robin Hood and a dash of The Princess Bride. I have no idea who the characters are, nor when or where. But it teases me, popping out just to send a “I’m still here” vibe my way- then vanishing again.

I’m not sure when its time will happen, but I know someday it will- meanwhile it lurks in my heart.

What about any of you? Have a book you’ve thought about, mentally carried around, but not jumped into yet? Have you figured out why?


  1. I thought about one book for five years. Guess, I'm slow. What when it finally came out, I loved it.

  2. Thanks for commenting Darcy :). I'd say my lurker book has been hanging out for about a year at this point- but I'm nowhere near even thinking about putting pen to paper on it- so maybe I'll be your five years!

  3. Yep! I have this crazy insane trilogy which my husband informed me has several logistical problems. :-) One day I might be able to make the idea make sense. I already know my three siblings. It's the world building that isn't ready to breathe yet.

  4. LOL_ good of your hubby to help ya out ;). I have a theory with these "special" books- when the writer is ready- the book will come :)

    Thanks for commenting Kinley!

  5. Hi, Marie. I have several tales bubbling in the back of my mind. I'm not sure one is more persistant than the others. It's like a witches brew. :) When they effervesce enough to ooze forward, I'll write them.

  6. I have a pile of TBW's Marie. One night I even got up and wrote a scene of a book because I had to get it out of my head. I'm so glad crazy people like us exist!

  7. I've got a long list and then new ideas come and I add them to the list. Some I believe will get written someday. Others I think will remain brief blurbs forever. If only we had all the time we needed to tackle them all. ( :

  8. Thanks for coming by ladies! Ok, I love the witches brew comment Dawn Marie ;)- and yes Hilde, I am VERY glad I'm not the only crazy one!
    Gabriella- I soooo hear you! I need to find a way out of that time sucking day job so I can write more books! have a great one folks!