Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harry Potter, I Love You

My post today is a salute to inspiration. I’ve been reading the Harry Potter books since shortly after the first book released in 1997. I wouldn’t write if I wasn’t passionate about fiction. I wouldn’t write fantasy if it wasn’t for the world of Harry Potter. I’ve been quite emotional this whole week, which some people think is ridiculous. But really, thinking of the end of this era makes me cry a little (even now). The story itself is a battle of good vs. evil, but Harry has his triumphs and his downfalls, his successes and his failures. All of the layering factors and characters make this series, and the movies, a phenomenon I’ll never forget.
It’s not just the story who inspired me. The author inspired, as well. JK Rowling proved each initial rejection can just be one more tally closer to yes. And that brilliance may never get a chance to shine without perseverance.
I’m not much of a fan of trends. But I’ve decided the world of books is an exception. I’m so glad I picked up Harry Potter. I’m so glad I read the series as each book was released. It made the world a little brighter and life a little easier. There’s a generation out there who is thankful for Harry Potter. A generation inspired by the concept of a wizard at magic school, but more importantly a generation who fell in love with the characters of Harry, Ron and Hermione (And Neville. He’s my favorite).
Harry Potter proved one woman can write a story of magic and make the rest of us believe. I felt compelled to write this post because Harry Potter did a lot for me. This was the first series that proved when reality sucks, there’s always fantasy, and there’s nothing more brilliant than that.


  1. I like Harry Potter, to. And, I like series, if they're well written/compelling. What makes a book that way is the greatest mystery of all! It's that spark, the writer's talent for weaving characters together so we care about them.

  2. Nice post, Kinley. Hooray for fantasy!

  3. I agree, Darcy. Someone can be a great technical writer, but it's the spark that sells books. I love series and I think 7 is the perfect length.

  4. Thanks for commenting, Dawn. I'm pro anything that brings fantasy to the masses and makes them like it. :-)

  5. Hi Kinley! *Waves* We met at national.:-)

    My friends laughed at me because I cried all the way through the epilogue and the beginning of the credits because it's over.

    *Sigh* At least I an re-read the books again. I held off for the last year so my memory of the book wouldn't ruin the movie for me. Although, I still think Neville's heroic moment is better in the book!

    Karin Shah
    Soul Mate Publishing

  6. Hi Karin! Starjacked! It was so nice to meet you at Nationals! Thanks for visiting the blog today.

    When I know what's happening in movies, I always cry before the sad part happens. I told my husband I wasn't the only one crying in the theater, but he said no one could be as emotionally upset as me. Lol.

    I'm glad I'm not the only person who cried! I was getting a little concerned :-)