Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Do We Blog?

Why do we blog?

Hi everyone! *waving*

So while I was coming up with a topic for this blog, I stopped for a moment and wondered why we blog…

I bet everyone has a different reason. Some use it as a journal, a very public journal, while others use it as a promotional tool to hype new releases. I also think there are some who use blogs as a learning tool. (Sorry in advance to those people! I hardly ever blog about “craft”… LOL)

Typically, I’ve always thought of my blog as a place to chat and meet people. I do my best to answer every single comment. I’m sure most people never check back, but some do and even comment back again. I love blog comment conversations. I have made some of the best online friends that way! :)

It’s like an online cocktail party. The blog itself is the entertainment, like a cover band trying to get people to get out there and dance. And the comments are the conversation! When there aren’t any comments, I always end up feeling like I threw a lame party! LOL

Am I the only one who feels kinda blue and loser-y when no one talks at my virtual cocktail party?

So anyway, the cover band in launching into a rockin’ version of Love Shack… Please stay and chat at the party! :) Why do you blog? And do you answer comments when people talk on your blog?



  1. Hi, Lisa. I blog because it's fun. Being a writer can sometimes be a lonely endeavor.

    I blog at Castles and Guns about fantasy/paranormal things and my writing. At Voices from the Heart about writing in general. And at Kitchen Excursions, I post my favorite recipes. One of these days, I'll blog about gardening. All of my favorite things to talk about.

    I, too, get bummed when no one stops by to visit. I try to respond to each comment. When I leave a comment on someone else's blog post, I'm disappointed if they don't respond back. If they don't, I seldom return to that blog site.

    BTW: I love the B-52's.

  2. I'm with Dawn on this one. I'm always curious if anyone will respond, if they find the subject as interesting as I do. One never knows.

  3. Another B-52 fan here. Great for dancing.

    I'm not sure I want to think too closely why I blog. I find it hard to blog. You seem like such a natural at it, Lisa. I struggle for words. I wonder what could I possibly say that people would want to read. And yes, when people don't comment, it does feel lonely. Still I plug away at it and in August I've got an insane number of guest blogs scheduled to celebrate my latest release. Somehow I'll manage. ( :

  4. I'm with Gabriella. I don't know why I blog since it's a struggle for me most of the time. I agree that I love seeing comments too. When I don't it's a bit disappointing. But that's how things are sometimes I guess. :)

  5. Hi Dawn -

    So glad i"m not the only one who checks back later to see if anyone responded! LOL

    Here's my challenge with the Castles & Guns blog... I don't get a reminder when it posts! LOL WHoops!!!

    So half the time I don't remember until later that it was up! *BLUSH* Yeesh!

    So sorry my comment back is so late! LOL

    THanks for commenting!!! I really appreciate it!

    Lisa :)

  6. Hee! And Dawn I forgot to mention, you've got great taste! LOL THe B-52s rock! :)


  7. HI Darcy -

    I'm so much more confident in my fiction writing than I am in non-fiction, so I get very insecure about blogs! LOL I never know if they're boring...

    So comments definitely beef up my confidence... LOL

    And when I rememebr the blog posted that definitely helps! *BLUSH* Yeesh!

    Sorry to reply so late! LOL

    Lisa :)

  8. Hi Gabriella! *waving*

    B-52's are definitely fun dance music!!! :)

    I'm a very insecure blogger too, believe it or not... I struggle with wondering if what I wrote is as boring as watching paint dry! LOL

    I love commenting! But the blogs themselves are tough for me...

    Good luck with the new release! Night Walker comes out Tuesday so I'm doing the blog tour rounds now too! Yikes!

    May we both survive and not bore anyone to tears! LOL

    Thanks for commenting!

    Lisa :)

  9. Hi Sarah! *waving*

    Thanks for commenting!!! Sorry I was a dork and forgot when the blog posted...

    I need to leave something in the Castles & Guns suggestion box that Lisa needs a nudge the day the blog goes live! *blush*

    I do try to keep in mind when the comments are light that everyone is busy and it probably has nothing to do with me, but my inner editor starts whispering, "Maybe you're boring!"

    Ah well... LOL

    Lisa :)

  10. I probably wouldn't be blogging if not for an invitation to join the group blog which later became FourFoxesOneHound. I was very reluctant to commit the time and effort for a WEEKLY column. But I've enjoyed it. Sometimes I don't care for the topics of that week, but I can usually manage to tip-toe around them and still produce something which pleases me.
    Like you, I enjoy the interaction with readers who stop long enough to comment. I love it when one of my columns touches someone's emotions ... or their funny-bone ... or just reminds them of something they appreciate.

  11. Hi Jeff -

    I agree with you! If no one comments, it feels like we're talking into a void... LOL

    But I really appreciate the conversation! I've met so many amazing people through blogs! :)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!