Friday, July 22, 2011

Why the Triangle is my Favorite Shape

I have a confession to make: I love a love triangle. Love it! There are simply few things that perk my interest faster than that hint of multiple possibilities for the love interest.

That's probably one of the first things that made me check out UF to begin with, outside of the kick-butt heroines and snappy dialogue. Sure, not every UF story has a triangle, but enough do that it's more a surprise when there isn't one than when there is.

How great is it when our heroine has this incredible chemistry with not one but two equally amazing but completely different guys? Seeing the push-pull of the relationship between the three of them, or the torture of her having to choose and watching her agonize over the decision? It's awesome stuff, both reading and writing it.

Yes, it is heady stuff, but triangles are also tough to pull off. A really great love triangle is a fragile thing.

The reality of a love triangle is that by its very nature, it can't last a long time. It takes very little to push a triangle from being swoon-worthy to being really annoying, a sign of immaturity and lack of principals by the characters involved - and who wants to read about annoying, immature people who can't get their lives together? Not me.

I'm sure you've heard the cries around some of your favorite series as well, be it from television or from books. People go from excited about talking about the love interests, to taking sides and staking positions, to rolling their eyes and going, "Just pick one already!" 

Oh well. I still love me a good triangle, and actively search new stories that contain them. What do you think about love triangles, and any suggestions on some books with them?


  1. Perfect timing, Danielle. I'm planning a triangle in my next WIP. Glad to know that won't throw off readers.

  2. Love the way you started the blog post. It really pulled me into the topic. I think you are also right about the difficulties of balancing a triangle well in a story.Then again, nothing about writing is ever easy. ( :