Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Breathless? Inhale a deep breath. Breathe.

I was reminded of the importance of fresh air recently when the smoke from the Great Dismal Swamp brushfire reached my neighborhood, making it hard to breathe when you dared venture outside.

As a writer, I'm obsessed with my characters' breathing…

Laurie breathed deeply, inhaling the floral perfume. Just Beyond the Garden Gate, Garden Gate Book 1

She leaned close to him and blew her fae breath into Finn's mouth. His chest rose then flattened. She did the same again. His lungs puffed full of air, and then released. Finally, his chest rose on its own, his breathing easier. Just Once in a Very Blue Moon, Garden Gate Book 2

Her breath left her lungs in a whoosh. Sea Panther, Crimson Storm Book 1

Aditional excerpts from manuscripts at DawnMarieHamilton.com

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