Monday, August 1, 2011

Creative Regeneration

This post may be a little late, but I really do have a good excuse (other than that I don't know how to schedule posts ahead of time).

I spent last night working and packing and today I traveled all day so I could be at a writing residency at my MFA alma mater.

Granted, I'm a graduate so I don't have to be here, but every summer the program invites agents to come to the residency and then sets up appointments for the thesis students and recent grads. So I'm taking advantage of that opportunity to meet with an agent. Plus, I'm on the schedule to do a reading from my thesis screenplay. Yay!

I've looked forward to these residencies for the last two years because they're fun and informative, but also because they're a time when I can get together with other writers, talk about different genres, work out story or plot problems, and just focus on writing.  The time offers a kind of renewal, refreshment, and creative regeneration.

After I graduated I thought I'd have tons more time to write, and although there is more time available, I've just been burned out. Now, however, I feel like I'm ready to get back into it, and being here at the residency is the perfect kick start. I really need this connection and inspiration to get me excited about digging back into my novels and getting them finished!

So what kinds of things do you do for writing regeneration? Do you go to writer's retreats? Take a nature walk? Go to the park and observe? Or the city? What's your favorite way to get beyond the burn out?

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