Saturday, August 13, 2011

PNWA Conference

I've just returned from Pacific Northwest Writers annual conference. I'm exhuasted, but pumped up about writing. I thought this blog might be the place to recap. There were 500+ attendees at the Bellevue Hyatt, a hotel that was all sparkly. The location allowed for many choices of resturants and shopping.

There were twenty-two agents, representing a variety of different genres and ten editors from small presses to major New York publishing houses. I asked a lot of agents how they thought the market was . . . was it opening up or not? I'd say their opinion was a 50-50 split. Half thought things were opening up, receiving more contracts from publishers . The other half thought it was still a wait and see attitude by the publishers.

Naturally there was some talk about e-pub market. The consensus is that the average self-pub sells about 100-300. Not such great numbers. If someone sells 1,000 they are doing good and if the number hits 5,000, New York will take notice.

Everyone believes the loss of Borders will affect sales. Like one NYC best seller author said, "I've lost 600 outlets to sell my book. That is going to impact my print runs and sales."

According to everything I heard, the young adult market is going strong and will continue to do so for some time. Many thought 'horror' is going to be the next break-out genre. Romance is still doing well. There was some talk of the children's market improving.

What I've reported here is just 'stuff' I heard. Nothing is guaranteed. Anyone else heard anything interesting?

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