Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shake, Shimmy, Slide Forward

The past seven days have been rather interesting.

During the afternoon of Tuesday last, while working on my current WIP, Just Once in a Very Blue Moon, the second book in my Garden Gate fantasy romance series, my apartment building shook.

Geez. Had my misbehaving faeries jumped out of the story?

My first thought: What on earth is my neighbor upstairs doing? I live near a military base so my second thought was explosion. As I watched the chandelier over the dining room table swing like a pendulum, and the floor undulated beneath my feet, the word quake popped into my head with a jolt. Mere seconds of mental play. I grabbed my laptop and purse and ducked into the bathroom until the shaking ended.

Paradigm shift. Strong earthquakes do happen on the East Coast.

The week rolled toward a close with dire warnings. A predicted class three hurricane whirled toward the East Coast. Oh, joy, lost more writing time preparing for the onslaught. Although the trees danced the shimmy—shimmy, and a few did the Humpty-Dumpty and fell down—like the large limb on my neighbor's station wagon—the tropical force winds passed with less intensity than anticipated.

When I was a young ballet dancer, my instructor was Miss Irene. At the end of every recital, we sang the words to the classic Good Night Irene. Several references to the old song appeared on social networks before and during the storm. Personally, I was glad to wave goodnight.

My heart goes out to those who still deal with the aftermath of Irene. Stay safe.

An update on my hummer faeries: Hummingbirds Remind Me of Faeries. I felt awful taking down the hummer feeder when the winds got rough. How would my little friends survive? As soon as we hung the feeder again on Saturday morning, my wee faeries buzzed in, ready to drink, having made it through the storm unscathed.

During all this craziness, I took the plunge and opened a Twitter account. Lots a fun! If I want to get any writing done, I'm going to have to curb the desire to play and spend too much time there.

Follow me on Twitter: @DawnM_Hamilton

Slide forward…

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So…where were you during the earthquake? The storm? Leave a comment and share your story with us.


  1. So glad you're okay after the quake and the hurricane! I hope locusts aren't next! LOL Yikes!

    I love twitter! Just followed you... :)

    Good luck finishing up the book!

    Lisa :)

  2. Am on the West Coast, so no earthquake or hurricane; but have friends on the East Coast and so far everyone has come through with flying colors.

  3. Hey, Lisa. Thanks for dropping in. And thanks for the follow. Will head over there next and do the same.

  4. Hi, Darcy. Glad your friends are okay. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I was at home during the earthquake and hurricane. I felt the quake a little but not much, and the hurricane... I got some wind and rain but I'm fine. :-)

  6. Glad to here you're fine, Sarah. Thanks for dropping in.

  7. Great story Dawn! Tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes...what is next for us? I, too, was worried about the hummers, but they are back at my feeder as well. Plenty of ideas for a book, though!

  8. Hi, Nancy. More story ideas is a good thing. :) Thanks for visiting with us.

  9. I'm still waiting for you to do Facebook, Dawn! Alas, I don't tweet, not yet. Love that you grabbed your laptop and purse and ran into the bathroom! I don't know if I would have grabbed anything. We didn't feel the quake in NH, but Irene left us without power and phones for two days. We have a generator but had to juggle the circuits. Goodnight Irene indeed!