Monday, August 8, 2011

Time, Goals, And Mismanagement

I’ve blogged about time before. It’s something that I consistently have a problem with. If I stick to one project I can stay on track. But working on one project at a time will make attaining my goals, not impossible, but a voyage of years. And I don’t wish to spend that kind of time to hit my goals. Not only that, I would have to back out of projects I am committed to. So that’s a no go.

I’ve never been short on goals or ambition but finding the time to achieve those goals can be challenging. Never the less, I am undaunted. I keep projects logged in planners to keep from missing a deadline and embarrassing myself. And I’m currently taking a workshop to help learn new tricks to best utilize my time and get more work out. This is so me. And with the very first lesson, a very simple one, I made an interesting discovery. I have a lot more time to write and edit than I realized. What I don’t have is good management of that time and discipline.

I also learned where my time is being wasted. The culprit: The Internet. I have a bad habit of working for a few minutes then jumping to email, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and any other place that strikes me as absolutely necessary to visit at that very moment.

So I have a new goal. Curb my surfing habits. I was shocked to see how much time I have at my disposal and what I do with it. I’m utterly appalled by how little work I actually do each week. I realize I should have a lot more completed. Instead, I have a pile of projects in various states of completion.

So how do I feel about this? I’m glad to finally understand that my time management is totally out of control. And I’m glad to be working on a plan to remedy my ways. I am not happy to know how much I could have behind me if I had taken better control of things sooner.

How about you? What is your time wasting habits and what do you do about it?


  1. My time suck is also the internet. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it. I've started disabling my wireless access when I write, but then I just get antsy. Sigh.

  2. Ugh. Yep, this is a big problem for me as well. First, the Internet. Second, I overcommit myself so that when something unexpected drops on me (oh, here are the final-pass galleys on my book, which I wasn't expecting, and the publisher want them back in three days?), I get underwater faster than my mortgage. I haven't found an answer yet, but limiting Internet access would probably help!

  3. Ditto what Rosalie said. I can try to stay off the Internet but then I get fidgety and want to check or I need the distraction b/c the writing just isn't going where I want it. But I have to say that if I'm in the groove writing I can stay off it. It's getting into that groove that is so hard and there always seems to be ways to avoid being productive.

    Good luck on conquering your time management issues! ( :