Friday, August 12, 2011

The Vampire Story not yet Written

Sometimes I’m kinda shocked that my first story wasn’t a vampire story.
I often say (and it’s mostly true) that I started writing because of a dearth of vampire stories. I know, crazy to think of, right? But yes, there was a time you couldn’t close your eyes, pick up a book from the store, and have a one in five chance it has a vampire character in it.
Since I became obsessed with vampires and couldn’t find enough stories, I started writing my own. Enough people said they liked my stories that I began to accept I had some talent when it came to the writing thing. Now, it took me a long time before accepting I had talent morphed into wanting to do it for a living, but that’s another story.
Back to now. Now I’m a Writer! Now, I can write any little story that crosses my mind and make it work. Now I’ve got about half a dozen stories in various stages.
No vampires.
Why? I mean, I still love my vampires. Sure, it’s not the obsessive love I had in my teenage years, but they are still my favorite supernatural creature.
Do I want to write a vampire story? Absolutely. And I will. I really will.
But I have to find the right story. There used to me too few vampire stories, now – OK, I won’t say there are too many, I don’t believe that – but if I’m going to write a vampire story I want it to be my unique take on it, something that I haven’t seen before.
So for now, vampires are on the back burner.
Still, for now doesn’t mean never. I’ve loved vampires for so long there is no way I’ll not write a vampire story sometime in this (hopefully long) writing career of mine.
My teenage self is looking forward to that day.

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  1. At PNWA's conference I did hear that the vampire market is softening. They won't go completely away, but agents/editors are looking for the next big wave of something different. None could really say what that 'wave' was however.