Saturday, December 31, 2011

Writer's Block . . . Maybe

As the time drew near for this blog I realized I didn't know what to write about. Nothing came to the forfront. My mind was blank . . . I had writer's block. I should have known. I hadn't really written anything in about a month. And, I swear, it's a great story. I love my heroine, Suri. She's crazy, an impulsive witch who is a fish out of water (not literally). And my hero, Hawk. Oh my. He sends goosebumps up my spine. He's a doctor, a Native American with a shaman for a grandfather. They're in Sedona, a fabulous place that I've actually had the pleasure to visit. There are vortexes (vortices to the rest of us) that can cause all sort of trouble. Suri is searching for a mysterious object stolen from the Druids centuries ago, but the object has other ideas.

Hopefully, you can tell it's a really interesting story with lots of twists and turns. So, why can't I write? I really don't have a reason.

At first I told myself it was because the holiday season was keeping me busy. True, but not true. I know how to manage my time, and my favorite mantra is 100 words a day. That's not hard.

Then I thought I was letting the story jell. I'm a firm believer of letting my subconscious do a lot of my writing work . . . then I'm surprised and thrilled when the right ideas pop into my head. Duh! They were their all along.

Now, I've decided that it's all right to have writer's block. I'll hit the bricks (or computer keys) after the 1st. Writing this blog helped. I just realized that it's okay to take a little time off. I deserve it. I'll start up again in 2012. It'll be a new day, a new year.

Happy New Year To All


  1. Hi, Darcy. You thought you didn't have anything to write, but you did. :) I go through the same thing sometimes. Then all of a sudden, the ideas flow. Have a great New Year!

  2. Thanks, Dawn. I've been struggling with topics. But think I've finally come up with a solution.