Friday, January 27, 2012

What type of swag do you like to get at Conventions


Deviating slightly from the usual fantasy goodness to be found around here, I would like to ask everyone a question - since everyone who reads this is either a reader or a writer, it's the perfect audience.

I'll be going to the Romantic Times Convention this April to hang out and even give a panel! (Using Podcasting to Grow your Brand - stop in and say hi!)  I'll also be there as a signing author - Bravo! to RT for recognizing e-pubbed and self-pubbed authors.

One of the great things about conventions is you get lots of free stuff, and I wish to give away free stuff as well. So I'm asking you, my fellow convention goers - What types of swag do you enjoy getting at conventions?

Even more specific than that though - what do you get that would *possibly* make you check out that author? Because at the end of the day, that is what the swag is for. We want you to go home, get on your computer, and check out our website.

Is there anything that makes the likelihood of that climb?

Any help is appreciated, and thanks for any tips!


  1. I've never been to a convention but I think a little booklet with an excerpt of your book would be great! :) That way, the reader will really get a chance to get a feel of your writing and kind of tease them into buying it ;)

  2. Oh, I wish I was also going to RT this year. I'm heading to RWA though, so that will have to do it for me!

    As far as swag, I will always pick up things that are useful to me - bookmarks, pens, reusable water bottles (saw that once). Or edible (yes, the chocolate works for me!).

    I won't pick up book descriptions, trading cards, or booklets unless the book immediately appeals to me.

    I'd say the item that would make it most likely for me to check an author out though, would be the most common - bookmarks! Because I constantly see their name and that important cover/branding colours/image/etc.