Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Magic of a Deadline

Hi everyone –

It’s still Wednesday here in San Diego, so technically my Wednesday post is still on time, right? LOL I hope so!

Apparently I forgot to add my blog posts to my google calendar for February and without it, I’m lost! So I’m sorry this wasn’t posted early this morning…

But this experience got me to thinking about deadlines.

I don’t know if it’s the same for every writer, but I’m learning that I write MUCH faster with a deadline. When I wrote my first book, Night Walker, I took months to write the first draft and then spent at least another year editing and rewriting.

My next books were written a little bit faster, but now that I’m working under contract, the deadlines seem to make the writing go even faster. Without a deadline, it’s much easier to decide to play on Twitter, or go to a movie, etc. I seem to focus better when I know how far I need to get each day in order to meet my goal.

So while a deadline can be scary, I’m starting to think they might be my friends… Sort of! LOL

What about you? And if you’re not under contract yet, have you tried setting deadlines with yourself or maybe with your crit group? Have you noticed if you write faster?

Ok I’m off to be sure I have my future blog dates on my Google calendar… More deadlines! Whee! :)

Lisa Kessler


  1. Oh, shoot, Lisa! That's me. I put the pedal to the metal when a deadline approaches. I wish I was all cool and laid back, making steady progress each day, but I need the fire.

    BTW, this is your friend C.C., who's not quite ready to come out of the closet as a deadline junkie. ;)

  2. Ha! I won't blow your cover "C.C." LOL

    Maybe we're adrenaline junkies? LOL

    But a deadline does make the work go faster... :)

    Thanks for commenting!

    Lisa :)