Saturday, March 3, 2012

How do you write?

I’m starting a new project, actually, continuing my NaNoWriMo 2011 project, so I’ve been thinking of how this book will come to life.

It seems all of my books have different births, in part based on where I am mentally in my personal and writing life, as well as the book itself. But I don't usually make a conscious note of it.

But I’m taking stock on what I’ll do THIS time.

SAKARI’S WAR started life as a blurb that I created on the fly for a “call for blurbs” for a small pub. However, the blurb was for a short story and once I looked at what I had, it was clear it was too big for a short story ;). (Some things have changed since this, but this was its “birth”.)

Lady Sakari is a pirate of the New Order. A new breed of pirate without cause or county- or water. The fighting dirigible Lady Sakari commands is one of many taking to the skies on both sides of the Great War. However, unlike the military vessels on either side, Sakari doesn’t really care who wins. She also shoved the last man who used her title over board.

Sakari keeps her tiny band of pirates airborne, only touching land briefly to gather supplies. The war between the fae and the mortals has blurred former lines between nations, and her homeland of Lysteria is faring badly.

When a raid goes horribly wrong, Sakari finds herself having to help the people of the town of New Ghiern defend their land against a new wave from the fae world. In doing so she finds herself forced to escort a pampered Ghiern princeling to safer ground.

However, Lady Sakari isn’t human, and the princeling isn’t a prince at all. Together they find the war is far worse than they thought and neither side has a chance of surviving. Even worse, an attraction is starting to grow between them that could end both their worlds.

Once I decided it needed to be a full sized book, I decided to get it started through the trial by fire of NaNo. I made my 50,000 words for the month, then set it aside for a few months. The writing for NaNo is so furious and fast that I’ve found that major down time is needed before continuing on the project.

After the required cooling off period, I’m now ready to dive in- I did cut out the known dead weight, but still have a nice skeleton to start with. Each one of my books is different, like I said, and this one is as well.

It’s a romantic fantasy for one- not just a “fantasy with romantic elements” but a real (in theory anyway) fantasy romance. Secondly- it’s a stand alone. I am a series gal, and I love trilogies. But as it’s currently standing- this is a single book.

And my crafting of it is going to be a bit different too. Even though I’m a visual person, I’ve never done any sort of collage for my books. Thanks to the evilness (because it’s addicting) of Pinterest, I’ve already started “pinning” images that strike the right feel for my book on my board.

This book is also based on a bastardized version of our world…VERY bastardized. I’m making major leaps and turns from history in different areas, so I need to do way more historical research than usual. For me to change history, I need to know history (mostly Welsh and Korean – you’ll just have to read the book to see how THOSE two get combined!)

I’m also going to pre-plan each writing session. I’m a pantser by nature, but I read a great blog on increasing your word count. One of her things was knowledge- as in knowing what you’re going to write (even just a general idea) before you dive in. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, but this time I will :).

It’s a great blog post so if you want to see more- go here

So, for this book I’ll have images and a map and some serious history to mess up-that’s my plan anyway. Goal is to have the rough draft done in 6 months (start time hopefully end of this month as I’m finishing another project with a deadline.)
What about you? Do you consciously change you style each time? Add new things? Or stick with the same pattern?

Have a great week-end!


  1. Marie, I know firsthand that you can do whatever goal you set for yourself. I'm so excited to follow your progress as you work through this WIP!

    As for me, I adjust my style every time I approach a new project, but the basic foundation is the same. I start with a character, then build everything else around the story from that jumping off point. And I never start writing until I know enough about the characters that I can hear their voices talking in my head. (which would sound certifiably crazy to someone outside the writing community!)

  2. Thanks Melissa! Ya know, I don't even think about the characters- but yeah if I don't have characters, I don't have a story. LOL! I think that part doesn't change for me- the characters come first, then I figure out how I can mess with them ;).

    Thanks for coming by!

  3. That sound like an exciting adventure, Marie! Please let me know how the new writing plan goes.

    I'm writing mostly in the same way each time at this point, plotting on my chapter grid, etc, but I try to make improvements and fix what isn't working in my method. I'm still new at this, so I'm hoping to improve as I go. :)

  4. Thanks for commenting Cori!I think writing is always an adventure- we just keep moving forward :).

  5. I'm excited to hear more about this project Marie! I like Fae stories, but mostly I wanna know how Welsh and Korean go together :).

    I'm working on my first manuscript now, so I don't really have a style yet. But it is nice to read that other authors change it up.