Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Like A Real Book

A funny thing happened to me last week. After the launch of my dark urban fantasy, Crimson, I took treats to work and told my coworkers they were helping me celebrate an achievement. The reaction was strange and enlightening.

Before I go farther with this little story, let me first explain that I have my cube decorated with printouts of book covers and photos of characters. Now I admit that doesn’t have much, okay, anything, to do with my IT job but it helps me get through the day with the thought that there has to be more than a day job for me.

My coworkers are familiar with these printouts and what they are. Knowing that, I would assume my fellow day workers would have the understanding that I am working toward making my living, not in IT but in publishing.

But apparently that wasn’t the case. I don’t know if they thought I was deluding myself or just bull crapping, but they weren’t taking me seriously. Not until I showed up with goodies to eat and the announcement that Crimson was up for sale.

The reaction was interesting. One of them said, and I quote…”You mean it’s out like a real book?” I informed him it was a real book. Another got on Amazon and started looking. He came over quite surprised and said, “You have a lot of work out.” Why yes. Yes, I do. What did they think I’d been doing for the last six years? Then the clincher. Someone said, “There’s a side to her we didn’t know about.” Yes, he said it.

I am the only female in the department except one gal who shows up part-time. Are all men this out of the loop? Do they think that women with dreams never go beyond dreaming?

This past week they have learned something about me and I have learned a lot about them. Will their denseness show up in some of my future characters? Probably. For a bunch of smart guys, they really missed the bus.

~ Nickie Asher ~

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  1. Men might be smart, but sometimes they are pretty dumb. Good for you for opening their eyes about yourself.