Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Gemstone

Acquamarie is the traditional gemstone for March. It's called the Gem of the Sea. This pale to medium blue beryl stone is the symbol of courage, hope and victory. It is credited with curing laziness and quickening intelligence.

Deposits of acquamarine are found in all the continents. The most important ones are in Brazil, with numerous finds in Siberia, Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Rhodesia, South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and the United States (Colorado, Connecticut, California, Maine and North Carolina).

There are several legends associated with acquamarine. Did you know that the pale color of an aquamarine is supposed to stir the unconscious and remind one of the Spirit? It allows one to recognize truth and be open to changes in consciousness, especially with matters of the heart. Worn as a magic charm, it ensure good thealth, halts fear, and awakens the mind. To dream of the gemstone means that you will meet new friends.

Lastly, this stone has the power to help husbands and wives work out their differences. Maybe that because the husband buys his wife an aquamarine. Prezzies are always nice.

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  1. I love this stone, it's so watery and beautiful. I always get it confused with blue topaz, though.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lydia. Usually acquamarine is lighter than topaz (which comes in many shades of blue).

  3. Acquamarine stones make me think of the ocean, summer and vacations. Ejoyed the post, Darcy.

  4. Makes sense, Dawn. It is the protective stone for sailors. Thanks for stopping by.