Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tan or Nothing!

Other than my onward uphill battle of being an unpublished writer (a trek many can sympathize with, I'm sure) I do not have any cool news to report. No good books being read or new film trailers seen. Normally I have SOMETHING exciting on one of those fronts to gush about in a blog post, but no, not this time. I haven't gone out in search of any either. Instead, I have a new early spring project that has stolen my time and focus...

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Getting a tan.

Getting a tan without going into the sun.

Getting a tan without going into the sun and keeping tan until October 1st.

I do not think my goal is too lofty, right? So what if I haven't successfully kept a good color since I was thirteen. So what if I inherited my Welsh great-grandmother's skin that reminds me terribly of the hue of the White Witch? So what if self-tanning is a completely new adventure for me? I am an intelligent twenty-three year old woman! I CAN DO THIS!

If I turn myself orange, I promise to post pics on Twitter before applying salt and lemon juice and whatever other magical cures there are for that predicament.

-Darcy (of the Drake variety)

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