Sunday, March 4, 2012

Writing Retreat

Many of you who know me know I have been away at a writer's retreat all week. I'm at LRWA's famous Hermit Week and I have had a fabulous time. What is Hermit Week? It is pretty much just like it sounds--you go away to write and kinda become a hermit for a week. This retreat is just outside Charleston, SC and we are in a very large house right on the beach. I am on the third floor and I have a little balcony--and I can hear the waves right now as I type (and the door is closed).

We are quiet all day so all the writers can work (there are 10 of us--each has a private bedroom/bath) and then around 5:30 or so we gather for a shared dinner, wine, and lots of chat!

I came here with a word count goal. I would forge ahead and get lots of words down. Well, I did get lots of words down but many other cool things happened that I did not expect.
  • I made friends
  • I thought
  • I walked on the beach
  • I watched dolphins
  • I looked at the stars
  • I tried new wines
  • I listened to the waves
  • I walked in the water
Perhaps the biggest thing I did (that I didn't even know I still had the capacity to do) was sit and think without multi-tasking. Just think. Not move, do laundry, *anything* but sit and think. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it felt. I know I am pretty wound up most of the time with a billion things going on--but I am going to find a way to just sit quietly and think every day. Even if I can steal a few minutes--it helps so much.

Have you been to a writing retreat? If not, why not? I think you could make your own--just get out of the house/office. Even a day retreat at the park to write. Go somewhere you haven't ever been--or been in a long while. Try it! You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself. I know I was. And now I have a plan!



  1. Oh that sounds HEAVENLY Kerry! I would be there in a heartbeat- except for lack of fundage :(. The retreat itself is reasonable, but the flight would bump it way outta my range :(.

    In past years I have done my own retreat up in Santa Cruz CA (I live in San Diego, so it's about an 8 hour drive). In fact, the photo in my post yesterday is one I took on one of my walks last year during my own retreat :).

    Someday I'd love to do the one you just did though!

  2. I've been fortunate that my local chapter, Austin RWA, has a weekend retreat every year. It's so liberating to focus on nothing but the story.

    Yours for a week and by the beach sounds heavenly!