Friday, April 20, 2012

Another blogger...

...stumbling in from RT...

wow! who kept the secret from me that the RT convention was so much fun?

I saw the agenda with the classes, and workshops, and social events--but nothing could really prepare me for the enormity that is RT. WOW.

I knew from going to RWA Nationals that I would need shoes (lots), but costumes? fun! I pulled together some sort-of costumes for the Scottish Fling, and the Gangster Party, added several pairs of shoes and mailed them to the hotel ahead of me.

Packing was an obstacle. Seven days. That is more than a carry-on--especially when you need business casual and T-shirts and such. I knew I'd have to check a bag--and I made sure I had underwear in both my checked bag and my carry-on just in case one bag got lost! Be prepared! lol

My roommate, Ann Mayburn, was awesome. I swear we got along swimmingly. We pretty much kept the same schedule and had a ton of laughs all week. She was definitely one of the highlights of RT for me.

So I went to RT in three capacities: Industry Professional (Editor, Entangled Publishing), Author, and Reader. So little time to see everything.

I did get to the panel on Science Fiction: Popular Tropes and Themes with Linnea Sinclair, Beth Revis, Cindy Holby, Isabo Kelly, and Cindy Spencer Pape. This session was the best (bar NONE) information session I have ever been to at a convention. The ladies were open and honest and answered all sorts of questions on writing and publishing science fiction and science fiction romance. AMAZING.

The books! The swag! I have tons! Between that and shoes I sent home, I ended up shipping 89lbs of stuff. I plan to share it with some friends, an intern that helps me out a lot, my students, and etc. Believe me, if you go to RT, you'd better plan on shipping stuff home. Lots of it.

I took pitches for Entangled and met some great people! I loved the stories people told me about and the passion behind the pitches. Authors are amazing! Pitchapalooza was fun and kind of crazy. For those who don't know what Pitchapalooza is, well, it is speed dating for writers. In three minutes, you pitch your story then you move on! I was so glad to be on the receiving end of the pitches because it was really hectic. In between, I think I met a million people who came up to me because I work with Entangled. I never tire of talking about editing and the awesome peeps I work with.

I entered the American Idol/American Voice contest where you sent in three chapters of a manuscript before the conference then went to a session on submitting/publishing. At the end of the session they named twenty or twenty-five finalists. The next day, various authors read the first two pages of those (anonymous)manuscripts aloud and two judges made comments (constructive) and all the judges (editors from Kensington, Tor, Entangled, Sourcebooks; and agents from The Seymour Agency and Lori Perkins Agency) voted. The audience also got to vote. Let me tell you--even though the submissions were anonymous--it was SCARY to have your own pages read aloud. After mine was read, Alicia Condon said something to the effect of, "I see all sorts of problems with this manuscript," (I was trying to vaporize or spontaneously combust) then, she smiled and said she was doing her Simon Cowell impersonation. Ha. Ha. lol. Then she said she liked mine. whew. The experience was fun, overall. I did end up as first runner-up, which was really cool and totally unexpected. The winner's entry was amazingly cool--and she was a sweetheart. I wish I had given her my card. lol

Sunday, when many had gone home, I was still at RT. The pace had slowed, and it was actually a fun day. We played games (like bananagrams and word search) and that evening we watched a movie and had popcorn and candy. It truly was a great way to end a great conference.

I hope I can go again next year.



  1. Wasn't RT a blast??? It was great to see you again Kerry!!! :)

    So glad you had a great conference!

    Are you heading to RWA National this year?


  2. Not this year. I am on the East coast, so I am sitting this one out. It was great to see you, too! :)