Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Character's Home is His/Her Castle…

Inspiration for a "character home" in a WIP.

Castle, mansion, cottage, sailboat—often portrayed in books as characters in their own right.

In J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, the Brotherhood's mansion plays an essential role in the novels. The Gothic mansion with its training center and Pit, hidden within mhis, is the perfect command center—opulent and functional—for the Blind King and his Brothers and their Shellans.

In Christine Feehan's Drake Sisters series, the magical family home, Cliff House, situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific plays a starring role. A house capable of protecting the sisters ultimately by devouring their enemies. Cool! Right? According to Ms Feehan's website, she used a French hotel as inspiration.

In my unpublished Garden Gate time travel series, a Victorian B&B nestled amidst the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is the center of community activity, and the nearby cottage and garden with its enchanted gate is pivotal. In 16th century Scotland, Castle Lachlan—a ruin now, but not in my stories—and its garden play a prime role.

In Sea Panther, the first book in my unpublished Crimson Storm series, the hero's home is a 90-foot sailing yacht.

What are your favorite "character" homes?


  1. The best home I've seen imagined is Tony Stark's home from the Iron Man series with Robert Downy Jr.

    I fell in love with that house the moment I saw it. I imagined it as the headquarters for intergalatic peacekeepers set on an ocean cliff above a raging orange sea.

  2. Wow, Beth. I'm going to have to go back an re-watch the movies. No hardship there. :)

  3. Don't have any favorites, but I do agree that innaimate items can become characters. It adds to the atmosphere of the story.