Saturday, April 21, 2012

Diamonds for April

Anyone born in the month of April knows that diamonds are their birthstone. Diamonds are the King of Gems, sometimes called the Philosopher's Stone for their ability to determine guilt or innocence. The test is smple. If the accused is guilty, the diamond will grow dark. But, in the presence of innocence, it will glow with increased brilliance.

There are many legends attached to diamonds. The sparkling and flashing nature of the gemstone is regarded as a stone of protection and symbolizes invincibility and good fortune. Cleopatra used a diamond to win Mark Anthony's love and devotion. Ancient Greeks believed diamonds were splinters from stars fallen to earth. A very ancient belief is that for a diamond to exercise its full power, the stone must be worn on the left side of the body, the so-called heart side. That's where the custom of wearing a diamond engagement ring on the left hand came from. Hindu physicians believed diamonds had six flavors--sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and acrid.

One of my favorite myths about diamonds are that the finest diamonds can have sexual relations and reproduce. Supposedly these special stones are set in a ring, moistened with morning dew and left in the dark, then they will multiply. Nice thought. Too bad it doesn't work.

One last thing about diamonds is that they are said to increase personal clarity. One such tale is that it helps one see things clearly as well as be straight forrward and honest. Supposedly, the higher the quality of the diamond, the better one can do these these.

So, for those of you born in the month of April, enjoy your special gemstone.


  1. Diamonds are a girls best friend. LOL! I like the ancient Greek myth that diamonds are star splinters. Tonight there is supposed to be a meteor shower. Maybe some diamonds will fall to earth.

  2. I like the way you think, Dawn. I've always believed that there is a measure of truth in the old myths and legends.