Monday, April 2, 2012

It’s All About Him

Okay, maybe not for every reader. For some it’s all about the kick-ass heroine, but for me it’s all about him – the hero. Give me a tortured hero with a pain filled backstory and I’m there. Why do we love these men, whether they are human or paranormal? Do we want to make it all better for them? Save them? Show them someone cares? Maybe a little of each plus whatever the individual reader brings to the story.

I love tortured heroes. They make the best bad boys. I love to see the tortured bad boy find redemption and love with the heroine. I love their happy ever after. It’s no secret that people, mostly women, love a good romance where the characters struggle and fight to overcome obstacles to find happiness in the end because it gives us hope for our own happiness.

Hope for love. Hope for redemption. Hope for something better than the mundane routine of our everyday lives is part of the fantasy of reading a good novel – and for me the hero is who the story is really about. Sure, I want the heroine to have a good outcome as well, but she is secondary to the male character. If the hero doesn’t measure up, I’m not reading the book.

Give me a hero who can fight his way out of almost anything, make love like there’s no tomorrow, and treat his woman like she’s the most important thing in his world. That’s what I want to read. Throw in danger, well written villains, and good subplots and you’ll be on my auto buy list.

But first and foremost, it’s all about him. The heroine might be beautiful and wonderful in most ways, but I’m reading for the hero. Make him take my breath away.

What about you? Do you prefer the kick-butt female or the tough guy hero or do you prefer something different?

~ Nickie Asher ~

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  1. I like the tortured hero... :)

    I'm okay with kick ass chicks, but sometimes they cross the line into bitchy territory for me! LOL

    Lisa :)