Friday, April 27, 2012

Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh

I did it... I survived reading. Yes, out loud. With a microphone. To real people. I didn't faint, though all my blood pooled in my feet and legs, I think. Most of it is back in full circulation--though this blog post may read a little light-headed.

Have you heard of Lady Jane's Salon? The original is in New York and opened in 2009.  From their web site: "NYC's only reading series devoted to romance fiction"

There are several satellite Lady Jane's now, including one here in my hometown, Raleigh. (ok, technically, the salon is Raleigh/Durham) The local directors are: Claudia Dain, Lydia Dare, and Deb Marlowe. I'd say we local gals are pretty darn lucky!

Once a month, we gather at the Hibernian Pub (where we get this fabulous room with roll-up shades to the outdoors). We order dinner, drinks, and socialize. The directors line up three authors to read excerpts--anything from contemporary to paranormal to Regency. You name it, we get to hear it. All PG rated, mind you.

The evening is always fun (unless you are reading, then it is a little scary). The Salon supports the local library and Heather McCollum's "Shout Against the Whisper" crusade against Ovarian Cancer, which is an added awesomeness.

So last night, I read a ten minute section from Senator, Mine. I had to read a PG section. It was difficult to find a ten minute section of this short piece that was PG rated--especially one that was after the hero and heroine had met. I had to *bleep* parts--even in the section I read.

Although I was nervous about reading (I think there were probably 35-40 people there), the experience was a great one. Everyone was so welcoming (except my writing group guys--they videoed and made faces and all sort of things...just kidding. I really appreciate their support. The guys even had to wear pink name tags and they didn't seem to mind) and supportive. The other ladies who read were terrific (Lydia Dare (Tammy Falkner) and Qwillia Rain). The directors were helpful and super nice. It was a really fun experience! I look forward to heading back next month to hear the readers.

Here is the Lady Jane's blog. You can see pics and get info:

Have you ever done a public reading? If so--were you nervous? If not, would you?

have a great day!



  1. You're so brave!!! :)

    I've only done a live reading over Skype with people watching, but we're trying to start up a Lady Jane's San Diego so I might have more to report soon...

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa :)

  2. I'm cheering for you, Kerry. That's fantastic! I've read to groups before with no problem, but all someone else's work. If I have to read my own writing, my throat closes up. No lie. I commend you and am so excited for you doing this. Wish we had something like this a little farther south. Way to go!