Monday, April 30, 2012

My Virgin Blog with Possibilities

Hello out there! I'm Ayla, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this great blog! Yes, today is my first post for Castles & Guns, and I am so excited! *happy dance* Okay, okay - enough already with the exclamation points, jeesh. I've calmed down now. Enough, to tell you a little story...

There once was a little girl (okay, me) who was terrified at night of things under the bed. Actually, it was one thing. A creepy old woman with no face, only hair, who would snatch the little girl by the ankle and pull her under the bed. This girl, if caught, would never been seen or heard from again. When sent to bed at night, she would huddle in the middle of her bed, under a ton of blankets, and should she have to get out - read: bathroom run - she would jump out of the bed, easily landing three feet away from the side.

To this day, you will not find my feet hanging over the edge of the bed when I sleep at night.

Why is this? As an adult, I know there's no one under my bed. Heck, even my cat can't fit under my bed with the stuff I've put there. Logically, I know the creepy old woman is not real. But...there's a part of me that says "hey, it could be possible, right?" I mean, who's to say what lives in our imagination couldn't be reality? Somewhere...Somehow...

You see, I am a firm believer in Possibilities. You will never hear me say something isn't real (unless my littlest one is terrified of his monsters). In truth, when asked if I believe in vampires, shifters, things that go "bump" in the night, my answer is invariably yes. Just because I've never personally met any of these entities - well, I don't think I have - doesn't mean they don't exist. Furthermore, to say these don't exist, honestly, is pure opinion.

This realm of Possibility is why I love writing paranormal. Yes, real-life writing is fun, and I've written some contemporary stories, but pushing the envelope with the "what if" is an excitement like no other. So far, I've written about futuristic-soulless-shifting aliens, Doppelgangers, Wraiths, Elves, the twisted goings-on of an occult, and up my immediate writing sleeve I have cursed frogs and Demons in store. Then, who knows what else? It's great.

Now, confession time from you: what do you believe is possible? Meaning, what things have scared you, and still grab you by the throat today?

~ Ayla


  1. Hi, Ayla! Welcome to Castles and Guns. Great post. As a small child I believed a purple monster lived under my bed after hearing the story of the 'purple people eater'. Older siblings can be so mean. :)

    1. Hi Dawn! Wow. A purple people eater, huh? I hope you've had the chance to get those older siblings back! :D

  2. Hi Ayla!

    Welcome to the Castle! :)

    I was afraid of everything as a kid! Everything!

    But I truly believe there is magic in the world, but we condition ourselves not to see it. You're right, just because you can't "see" it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

    Lisa :)

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Lisa. I like you're wording, that we "condition ourselves" not to see that which seems impossible. So true, and such a shame, really.

  3. Hi Ayla- welcome!

    Ummm as a kid, everything scared me; now? Agents and editors scare the heck out of me! ;)

    Welcome to the blog!

    Marie- at work so I can't log into Blogger- Andreas

    1. Hi Marie -awsIcliB- Andreas. Love it! :)
      Yes, as grown-ups, we aren't necessarily afraid of things that go bump in the night anymore (we rather relish those, don't we), it's real-life that gets us. *shudder* I'd almost rather have my under-the-bed fears. lol