Sunday, April 1, 2012

RT Booklover's Convention...

RT is just around the anyone else going? I've never been to this particular convention--but most people say it is pretty fun (and huge). I like the idea that it is both a readers' convention and a writers' convention. I like that they cater to teens (teen day)--though I admit that I like to escape my teens many days (TODAY). I certainly like to promote reading for teens.

This year, RT is offering a self-publishing track. I may go to a session on that track since, as an attendant, you can go to any class in any track. I don't ever plan to self-publish--but I think it is a really interesting option. I admire those who are confident enough in the process to tackle it all!

I am looking forward to taking pitches for Entangled Publishing--can't wait to find the next great book (or three!). Pitchapalooza is going to be a ton of fun--kind of like speed dating for pitching. I'll be taking pitches there, too. And I'll actually be pitching one of my own speculative fiction manuscripts during the regular pitch sessions. It is going to be a wild ride...

I don't look forward to having to ship all the goodies home. The shipping surcharges are so excessive at conferences. Hotels tack on $10-$25 by weight when they set up those little shipping "convenience booths". This Hyatt has a FedEx Kinkos in the hotel--it also charges a surcharge. Boo. I located a post office 1.2 miles away and I may just take a taxi there and use flat rate boxes (where it doesn't matter the weight--since it is mostly books that get shipped home, lol) to ship stuff. I don't know. That is my main gripe about conferences, in general. I feel trapped by shipping. :)

Kerry Vail


  1. You're going to have a blast Kerry! I've been to two of them (can't afford this one though). It's fun and educational. If you like games with crazy authors make sure to check out Linnea Sinclair's Intergalactic Bar & Grill.

    As for shipping- don't forget you should be able to ship (from a PO) books at media mail rate- still sucks, but it cheaper ;).

    Have a great time!

  2. This will be my second RT and I had a blast last year!!! :)

    I read on my Kindle almost exclusively now so I try not to lug books home! We'll see how I do! LOL

    We should meet up!

    Lisa :)

  3. Lisa--I'd love to see you. I remember seeing you at RWA last year--you were so bubbly and kind. I am thinking we'll be having some kind of Entangled meet-up. Will you be at the Candy Bar and Spoons thing on Sat? I'll be there. :)

    1. I'll be at the spoons party for sure! :) I'm giving the learn to play spoons tutorial! LOL

      See you there Kerry!!!

      Lisa :)