Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break

For some of us, today is the end of Spring break. The kids returning to school used to mean I could sit down with a good book and squeeze in a little “me” time, but now that I’m writing full time, it means it’s time to sit down at the computer and get serious on the work-in-progress or the next project.

Being a writer is a different sort of career. It’s something you take with you everywhere you go. For a writer on vacation, sitting around the campfire with the family can be a time of secretly plotting the next book. It’s hard to clock out at the end of the day, because the characters go with you when you turn off the computer.

As a writer, you have to be open to inspiration and opportunity. Even plotters may find themselves pulling the car over to jot down an idea that popped into their head, so they don’t risk forgetting an important point that will help their characters out of an impossible predicament.

Closing a computer is easy, but shutting down a story that’s swirling in your brain is another thing altogether. We try to be present in the moment, for the sake of family and friends and our important relationships, but the story is never truly silent.

Of course, that’s what being a reader feels like to me, too. When a good urban fantasy series gets its hooks into me, I’m a goner. What happens when duty calls, whether it’s the day job or a diaper change, and you have to set your book down when it’s just getting good? Does the story stay in your head and beckon you back?

Ah, the end of Spring break. It’s time to take a deep breath, embrace the voices in my head, and plunge back into the story. The computer is on, open for business.

Hugs, my friends.



  1. Hi Cassi :)- for me it's the day job that gets in my way. The best I can do is try to jot down any amazing ideas that float my way at work, and hope they still seem valid when I get home! :)

  2. Cassi, you are so right about the story staying with you. Last night after going to bed I had to jump back up and jot down a paragraph. Happens a lot. :) Same thing with a good book I'm reading. I lounge in bed and rehash scenes. I think there is a name for the obsession: Romance addict.

  3. Hi Cassi -

    I'm very lucky that I married a writer this time around. He not only understands that the story is always playing in my head, but sometimes even helps me come up with plot ideas... We bounce ideas around until I find things I think will work. Fun stuff!

    Welcome back from Spring Break! Hope the computer time is productive! :)

    Lisa :)