Friday, May 18, 2012

Editing Test

Most of you know that I am an Associate Editor at Entangled Publishing--and I've done freelance editing for a long time. I thought it might be fun to do an editorial assessment of sorts...

Are you editor material?

Here is a test I made up to help you figure it out. Write your answers down (y/n) then check your score at the end.

1. Do you scream at the TV/movie screen constantly--pointing out plot holes or reasons why that dead body couldn't be in that place?
2. Do you mark up the letter home from your child's teacher before actually reading it?
3. Upon meeting someone, do you immediately make a list of hair color, skin color, age, height, eye color, spelling of name, and what they are wearing plus any scars or injuries?
4. When your grandmother/aunt/best friend is telling you their wedding story/childbirth story/other traumatic event for the 45th time, are you correcting them as they tell it (but you said there were four lilies in the vase...)?
5. Do you find yourself re-thinking your thoughts as fast as you think them--only more coherently and without adverbs?

0-1 Hire an editor
2-3 Hire an editor, but don't pay them until you check over their work
4-5 You are screwed. You'll never enjoy the written word again. There's always at least a typO.



  1. Oh, I'm screwed. I don't actually yell at the TV or the movie, I'm more reserved. I talk about it AFTER the show and discredit everything. It drives my wife crazy. Also, I'm fortunate in that I'm a terrible speller and do not understand the rules of grammar, so I'll never actually be able to edit.

  2. 2-3 the middle, not to bad I guess LOL