Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flash Fiction Fun!

Hi everyone –

Remember how I said I’m not much of a craft blogger?  Well, that was true! LOL

And then we asked for things you might want to see in the Castle of the Castles & Guns…

Still with me?

Okay…  Now I haven’t asked the two queens of the Castle for permission, so let’s keep this on the down low.  Muahahaha!  *ahem*

I love flash fiction!  All sorts!  I love to write it and read it.  Give me a great hook at the beginning and a twist at the end that I never saw coming and I’ll smile for the rest of the day!

So let’s do it!  I’ll show you mine, and you can show me yours…  The winner will win chocolate and Night Walker goodies!  Woot!

Here are the rules…  I want a Murder in 250 words or less!  (This story was originally printed in the "Death in 13 Flashes" anthology.)

By: Lisa Kessler (212 words)

Lap, lap, lap.
Carl woke in a cold sweat, haunted by the seemingly innocent sound.  Cats lapped up their milk every day.  So why was the sound so ominous in his dreams?  He shook his head with a disgusted chuckle.  He didn’t even own a cat.  Hated the damned things. 
"Bad luck wrapped up in fur," as he always said.
Rubbing his face with calloused hands, he lumbered down the hall to the kitchen.  A short chat with Jack Daniels was usually all it took to calm his frazzled nerves and drift back to sleep.  Just a few swallows and he’d be resting peacefully again.
Climbing his stepstool, Carl stretched his arthritic fingers, reaching for the smooth glass bottle when he heard a hiss.  He craned his head back and gasped when the devilish green eyes flashed back at him, his fragile balance faltering.  The glass bottle crashed on the floor just before Carl did.
His brittle skull crunched with the impact against the unforgiving linoleum floor.  Stale air passed his lips for the last time.
The cat approached with a cautious stride, circling, investigating his large quarry.  Satisfied with the hunt, he knelt beside the old man’s cracked skull taking in the delicious aroma of fresh blood.
Lap, lap, lap.

So bring it on…  I promise you they’re super fun!  250 words or less…  Post it in the comments with your email address and I’ll draw a winner over the weekend…

(Little Secret:  There are goodies in the Castle Vault for everyone who posts a story! )

Thanks for playing!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with…

Lisa :)


  1. I'm cheating. I wrote this flash fiction piece several years ago and had it published. *grins* My writing skills are, thankfully, better now, but it's a fun story. :-) And I want that chocolate! lol


    The Graveyard Wedding (195 words)
    by Sarah Mäkelä

    Walking through the graveyard one night, I came across a wedding procession. All I wanted to do was just visit my deceased mother. What was going on?

    It disturbed me, but I couldn't look away. The moon shone brightly illuminating the event. Only a dozen people were in attendance. It seemed small and quaint. I ducked behind a headstone making sure to keep quiet so I would remain unnoticed.

    An immaculate oak table stood behind the wedding party. No dishes or cups lined it. It looked out of place. Why have a table, but nothing to eat?
    The bride lifted her veil to kiss the groom. Her smile revealed those sharp, pointed teeth that gleamed in the moonlight.

    I shifted my weight and a twig snapped. One of them looked in my direction. I turned to run, but they surrounded me. The groom invited me to dinner with a wicked smile to reveal more pointed teeth. I had no choice. They insisted I join in the celebration.

    Next thing I knew they had placed me on the table; my limbs chained. The bride and groom stood to each side and had their toast of me.

    1. YAY!!! And you're not cheating... I didn't say they were never published! :)

      You created a really dark and eerie tone in very few words Sarah! Nice work!

      Lisa :)

  2. I like both of these. I'm going to try my hand it, if I can squeeze out a little time. I love flash fiction, too!

    1. Oh YAY!!! I'd love to see what you come up with Ayla!!! I won't be choosing a winner til Sunday so you have a little time... :)

      Thanks for playing!!!

      Lisa :)

  3. Oh, the horror of it, Lisa! The ending pushed me over the edge. LOL! Here is one I wrote with your help when you presented a mini workshop at FF&P. This is cheating too; I posted it at Castles & Guns last October. :)

    Sylvia's Worse Nightmare (194 words)
    by Dawn Marie Hamilton

    Shit. Late for work again.

    The early morning California sun blinded. Sylvia slid into the cracked leather seat of her red MGB midget, and her short black skirt rode up her thighs. With a sigh, she inserted the key into the ignition.

    "Please. Start."

    Click, click, click, click, click, vroom.


    She pulled out of the driveway and headed for the city.

    With one hand on the wheel, she scratched the raised bite mark near the vein on her wrist and shuddered. That too familiar prickly sensation of eight tiny phantom legs crawled over her skin. Revulsion chills crept down her spine. She despised spiders.

    Breathe, Sylvia. Breathe. She inhaled air deep into her lungs.

    Entering the freeway, she zipped across the lanes to the left and sped with the traffic. Holy shit! Her worst nightmare crawled across the dashboard. She grabbed a used tissue from the passenger seat garbage pile and squashed the damn creepy crawly.

    Her thigh itched like crazy. She swallowed hard and glanced down. A black widow skittered across her leg. Sylvia spun the wheel.

    The crunch of metal was the final sound. She'd never be late for work again.

    1. Hi Dawn -

      Nice!!! And you're not cheating, it's okay if you posted it before... :)

      Chocolate for everyone!

      Thanks for sharing your flash fiction with us!!!

      Lisa :)