Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Do You Escape?

How do you escape your everyday life?

How many of you read?

How many of you write?

I think that pretty much covers everyone. Good night, everybody . . . Just kidding.

But I was thinking that as much as I love reading and writing, it’s the other hobbies and activities in my life that end up in my stories. For example, Jessa’s frustration at knitting showed up in Ruined. That may very well stem from my real life frustration. But things that we love also show up in fiction. I love books about Florists. And I love stalking authors on Twitter only to learn that they too are passionate about flowers, like their heroines or heroes. I think that passion comes through on the pages.

I admit I might be in the market for a hobby. Knitting obviously didn’t work out. The story of when I tried to garden will never be told online. And my husband has banned me from our kitchen. Now, I’m just showing you all how horribly not domestic I am. However, I do lots of laundry. My claim to fame and what I use to convince myself I don’t lose at housekeeping.

There are so many unique hobbies out there and it makes me really envious.

I’m not saying I’m going to steal your hobbies, but I am interested in how you all spend your time. I think especially in fantasy, it’s nice to incorporate hobbies that we all understand. While none of you have been to the realm where the book takes place, several of you can relate to the fact that the heroine wishes someone else would weed her garden. This makes characters more relatable, even when they live in other worlds. I think relatable characters are what sell a world.

So what do you do for hobbies? How do you spend your time? What makes you the happiest?

Kinley Baker


  1. My characters often relax with music... It's a huge part of me in real life and it bleeds into fiction! :)

    I've also had lots of characters with horses because I grew up on a horse ranch so it's fun for me to spend time with them in my books too! :)

    I've never been able to knit or crochet, although I used to make latchook rugs, remember those??? LOL

    Fun blog Kinley!

    Lisa :)

    1. I'm so jealous, Lisa! I used to sing before I realized I sound a lot better in my head. That's so cool. I totally get the musical vibe in your stories. And you grew up around horses? Sounds so fun.

      And I do remember latchook rugs. But mine were more like latchook oven mits. Lol.

      Thanks for the comment, Lisa!

  2. I'm a gardener, so gardens show up in my stories. I love food and cooking so that shows up too. But to really get away, I go camping and either cycle on rail or canal trails, or hike in the mountains. Nature grounds me.

    As Lisa said, fun blog, Kinley.

    1. I love stories where all those things show up.

      Maybe I need to go camping :-) Nature grounds me, too, and so does rain. Maybe I'll go find a cabin in the woods for a while. Not a scary one with monsters though.

      Thanks for the comment, Dawn!

  3. Hmmm- aside from writing? (which yes, isn't a hobby, but it is a major escape and since I have a day job something that has to be worked in around it ;)).

    Reading of course, also walking is one for me...and I hate to say it but mind numbing TV- which I have to cut down on ;).

    Marie Andreas- stuck at work can't log onto blogger :(

  4. Hi Kinley. Great post. After I read it, I sat down, hit reply, and poised my fingers over the keyboard and...screeched to a halt. Ack! I've discovered I don't have hobbies anymore! I need some of that solitude everyone's talking about. Maybe that can be a hobby in and of itself. Best of luck finding yours. :)