Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spread the Word

Hi everyone -

Most of you who know me, know that I'm a pretty big social media lover.  I teach classes on it with my hubby, and I'm usually pretty accessible online just about everywhere...

Often when I teach a social media class for writers, there is cringing and gnashing of teeth about "I hate promoting" and "how much time will it take?"...  I think these are normal reactions, but the joy of social media is that it doesn't have to be painful...  In fact, it can actually be...


Yesterday was my launch day for Night Walker in Mass-market paperback.  I had planned a facebook "spread the word party"  (No contests on facebook anymore, be careful!)

Anyway, in spite of Amazon and Barnes & Noble releasing the book early, I went ahead with the virtual party...  I gave away lots of fun bath goodies that I got on sale at The Body Shop, along with a few signed books & posters.

And all day people popped in to chat, laugh, play, and best of all, share my Night Walker cover and Amazon link all over facebook!  This was a larger than normal time suck for me today, but it was a FUN promotion for me and all the peeps playing along...

And it shot the kindle version of Night Walker up the Amazon rankings all day!!!  WOOT!!!

So before you roll your eyes at social media, just remember to keep it social.  It can't be "Please buy my book" all the time, but when it does come time to promote, remember the golden rule:  If you're having fun, so will the people who are helping to spread the word about your book!  Everyone wins... :)

What do you love/hate about social media?  Have you tried something that turned out to be a big success?  I'd love to hear your experiences...

Lisa Kessler :)


  1. I haven't done anything like that, Lisa, but I like your success story.

    1. Thanks Darcy! :) I'd definitely recommend it when you have a new release coming...

      Thanks for commenting!

      Lisa :)

  2. I am not an author (yet), but take part in promoting authors that I have come to really love over the years, and some new ones along the way. Facebook has opened up the opportunity for me to 'meet' my authors and speak with them all the time. I take part in their Street Teams to do local promos and for some I BETA read, others ARC read for reviews. It is a phenomenal way to meet people of like mind and after being on FB a short time(3mos) and more recently, Twitter and Pinterest, I have friends all over the world through my authors. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending and promoting your event and I loved it. I won a signed book from you and I am so anxious to read it. Now, if I didn't become involved, look at all I would be missing out on. Thank you Lisa for this very important marketing lesson and for sharing your book release with us all. Can't wait to get it!!

    1. Hi Phyllis!!! *waving*

      Thanks for commenting! I'm mailing your book now! LOL

      I'm glad you had fun yesterday! I had a blast and it was exciting to see Night Walker's Kindle ranking rise all day! Woot!

      Lisa :)