Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who the heck is Heather McGovern?

I thought, since I’m filling in for Darcy over her next few blogs, I’d take this first blog as a chance to introduce myself. The thing is, I hate stale introductions. Don’t you? So let’s mix it up. I’ll do a quick rundown of a few likes and dislikes and give you an idea of me. Feel free to comment with the same because I love lists and I’d love to meet all of you!

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance (this one’s a bit obvi, huh?)
Big men
Big men in leather
Celtic Warriors
Women who kick a$$
Travel (including Time)
The anti-hero
Lust (those last four combined is HAWT!)
My iPhone

Losing my iPhone

Darcy asked me to fill in for her, not only because we’re buds, but I’m also a struggling artist of the pen (keyboard), working toward publication in the romance genre.

Right now, my WIP is book two in a series about the Fianna: modern descendants of an ancient line of Celtic warriors, skilled in fighting and each gifted with a different psychic ability, still serving the magical community today. They could be your neighbor, maybe even your co-worker, and you’d never know they fight dark druids, black magic, and the evil forces causing all those bumpy things in the night.

For those interested, the Fianna were real waaaaay back in the Irish days of yore. Yore being the Pre-Christian, age of polytheism, iron, bronze, and mythology. They really were gifted, they really did fight like mean mofos, and they really did serve druids. I bet there really were some hotties too.

Each book in this Fianna series focuses on one of the four members of a circle, the second being Sawyer’s tale. “No Rules” is the working title. (I’d like to take this moment to go on record as thanking Darcy for that. She pretty much names my every book. It’s her super secret super power.)

So that’s pretty much me and my writing in a nutshell. What about you? I look forward to blogging here and meeting all of the Castles & Guns followers. I think we’re going to have great funky fun together. Just keep it legal. Ish.

Heather McGovern


  1. Nice to meet you Heather and welcome to the blog! Your books sound VERY interesting!

    Marie Andreas (every other Sunday C&G blogger who is at who day job and can't log into Blogger as herself...sigh)

  2. Hi Heather -

    Great to meet you!!! And welcome to the castle!!!

    Muahahahahaha!!! *ahem*

    I mean, make yourself at home...

    Lisa :)

  3. Welcome Heather! I hope you enjoy your time with us! :-)

  4. Thank you ladies! I'm happy to be here!

    Heather McGovern

  5. Hi Heather, so sorry to reply late, it's been nuts around here. Still, I'm going to give you a great big hug - you're a woman after my own heart. You seem to love lists like I do. I swear, I have so many lists around my house, my family automatically knows when I say pen and paper, I mean - it's list making time. :)
    Glad to have you here, and I am extremely intrigued with your stories. I cannot wait to hear more!