Sunday, June 3, 2012

Birds & Witches

Birds are considered Kings of the heavens because they are linked to the air element, and they make wonderful familiars because they can be attracted in great numbers.  They are associated with death, renewal, the wind, the sky, the spirit and various Moon goddesses.  Through birds, witches express their magical desires to the sky and to the spiritual underworld. 

Spells are created by using feathers infused with magical energy of the air element and are used to create movement, speed and change in direction.  To speed a spell along, witches put feathers in charm bags and potions, place on them on their altars or put them into their ritual wear.  To remove a stagnant situation, witches place feathers between their fingers and envision an activity to charge the feather.  Once charged, they keep it as a talisman or cast it into the wind.  For fast acting magic, they tie a feather onto their wand for casting. 

Dark birds such as crows, ravens, pigeons, owls are associated with the underworld.  They make excellent allies in spells intended to banish unwanted energies or entities. 

Witches use birds to bring a burst of magic into their day, anytime, anywhere.  If they are feeling stressed, tired, they look around and notice the birds.  They'll focus on a single bird, make eye contact (yes, that is possible), feel the bird's essence and let it surround them.  They direct their emotional energy outward, letting the anxiety flow out of them and the bird will carry it away.

Bird magic is powerful and vibrant.  Even if you don't practice magic like witches, it's fun listening to birds and relaxing in their company.




  1. Wow! Very cool blog Darcy! :)

    Thanks for sharing the info...

    Lisa :)

  2. Glad you liked this one, Lisa. The strangest things interest me.

  3. Hey, Darcy, I'm so glad you talked about birds and witches in your post. Very cool! I'm posting about ravens this week.