Monday, June 11, 2012

Books versus Movies

I don't mean this in a clash of which is better. Rather, I'm curious about your take of what you will tolerate in each. Let me explain...

For me, I love to read books and I love to watch movies. But, I have my limits. Do you? In which of the following groups would you classify yourself?

1) Are there people/scenes/graphics/descriptions you can read without issue, but not tolerate on screen?

2) Or the opposite - are there things you can watch on screen but will bore you on paper?

3) Then again, maybe you fall into a third category - there are things you refuse to both watch and read.

I am of the first party. If the story is engaging, I can read every last word. I don't care if it's a gruesome murder, graphic sex, a kidnapping or a terror-hungry maniac. Gunfights and sword fights, fistfights and throw-downs don't phase me in the least if it's just me and my book. Now, put most of this stuff on-screen, and it makes me nervous. I can't handle what I see. 

There are some things I refuse to watch in a movie (but I can read about it fine). For example, I cannot watch a rape in a movie. There was a movie with Jodi Foster in it (I can't remember the name off-hand) where she's gang raped. I literally got sick watching it. Similarly, if someone's being abused, it will make me upset to the point I have to leave. Another movie no-no for me is gory-gross stuff. I can't watch it. Or, I close my eyes until the gratuitous bloody parts have passed. Remember Hellraiser? The movie didn't do squat for me because I spent most of the time with my head facing the opposite direction. But put the same in a book, and I'll read every freakin' word. And the Saw movies - never seen them, never will. I have heard, though, that they have a psychological bent to them, so one day I'll probably read one. Hmm, go figure.

What about you? Does it matter if the situation is on paper or on screen? Go ahead, 'fess up.


  1. I'm more of an auditory person, according to all those stupid tests people take.

  2. I can't stand to watch car chases/car crashes in the movies. All those near-misses! All those innocent drivers in the way! It's just to horrible and I hide under a blanket until hubby tells me it's okay to look at the screen again.

  3. ....oops, that should say "too horrible."

  4. I'm with you on the Saw movies. I will never, ever, ever watch them. I'm just not into those extreme torture movies. I've watched a few movies similar to that: FearDotCom and Final Destination (will not see the sequels, nah uh!) for instance. I'm not a fan, but if it's a gruesome murder in books. I'm okay. Seeing things for some reason makes it stick with me longer. Blah... And it's not that I'm a weenie. I can watch horror movies, but I just think movies like that are gross.