Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dragons - They Exist!

Since this is my third post in a month, I decided to do something different.  I wanted tod delve into the existence of dragons.  Stories abound around the world about them  How can they not exist?

People know what dragons are.  Fairy tales tell us that they are huge creatures who can breath fire, hoard gemstones, appreciate beauty, and fly around terrorizing people.  Really? 

Okay, some have a serious attitude problem.  But that's because they are proud creatures.  They are considered well versed magic and don't reveal their true name because that is one way for a person to subdue a dragon.  Their name is supposed to symbolize their real personalities and be a record of their origin.  Dragon names are bestowed at birth or a very young age, but are modified throughout their lives. 

Dragons are divided into three groups--Earth dragons, water dragons and fire dragons. 

Earth dragons are thr commonest and most abundant species.  They grow enormous and are usually brown-green with many hued scales.  Earth dragons are fliers and gliders.  They are considered introverts and reserved.  They prefer a solitry life style, except during mating season. 

Water dragons are rarer than earth dragons.  While they can be found in either salt or fresh water, they prefer lakes.  They tend to be timid.  They cannot fly very well, taking short gliding flights that can have amazing bursts of speed.  Water dragons have soft, melodic voices that are capable of inspiring poets.  The last reported sighting of a water dragon was in 1860 by Peter Karl van Esling on a voyage to collect marine species. 

Fire dragons are the rarest dragons.  They live in extreme hot conditions.  Think active volcanoes, lava streams and in labyrinths in the earth.  Fire dragons are nocturnal.  When they venture into the outside world, it is said they scorch the everything in their path.  A fire dragons scales are iridescent and made of a type of metal and asbestos.  Their colors range from bright gold to red, copper and black.  Fire dragons are peaceful, the most gregarious and friendly. 

Do you believe in dragons? 



  1. I love your post, Darcy. I love dragons; always have.

  2. I believe, Darcy. Your post gave me a smile. I spent the weekend, beating the heat by staying in the AC and watching DVDs from the first season of the BBC's Merlin series. A very handsome dragon with John Hurt's voice drives Merlin crazy. :)

  3. Believing is half of the battle, Gerri. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Ayla. Dragons deserve our attention.

  5. Thanks, Dawn. There is tons more on dragons that some day I'll get around to blogging about. I've got a two books complete (not published) that have dragons as central characters. After writing them I discovered the story arc is really about the reemergence of dragons to their world.

    1. Sounds interesting, Darcy. I hope you get them published.

  6. Me, too. Witches and dragons are my thing.