Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finding Magic in Nature

Last month Kinley asked what we do when we're not writing. As I thought about her question, I realized most of my hobbies, other than reading, revolve around getting out into nature or using its bounty—camping, hiking, bicycling rail and canal trails, gardening, cooking. Why? Magic.

Recently my husband purchased a canoe. I wasn't sure I wanted to add another hobby to an already long list, but we've spent the last several weekends paddling local creeks and estuaries. I love it. So much nature. So much magic.

We've seen too many ospreys to count, their loud kyews whistling overhead. We glided around a bend one afternoon and discovered a noisy great blue heron colony. I'd never seen so many of the large birds. They almost looked prehistoric. I managed to catch several birds, including this small heron, with my camera, but not the bald eagle that flew off too quick. Nor could I catch the river otters before they dove into the water on our approach, leaving me focusing my camera in vain. Just seeing them in their natural habitat was magic.

Today is Tuesday. I'm at my desk, writing. My muse is energized by the magic.

Where do you find magic?

~Dawn Marie


  1. Nice blog, Dawn. Not sure about getting into a tippy canoe, but g.Getting outdoors is always invigorating. Enjoy nature.

  2. Hi, Darcy.

    Our canoe is fifteen feet and on the wider side. Not tippy, which makes me very happy.

    Thanks for dropping in.