Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Characters Are So Much Stronger Than Me.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some experiences that made me realize that reality is tough. Making it through everyday can sometimes be more difficult than making it through a fictional story where the world might end. It makes me a little jealous of my characters.

Sometimes I sit and think . . .

I wish I had Tabitha’s determination.

I wish I had Caleb’s loyalty.

I wish I had Jessa’s compassion.

I wish I had Vale’s valor.

I wish I had Ari’s gall.

I wish I had Kon’s sense of humor.

I wish I had Reid’s devotion.

I wish I had so many things that I don’t. At the end of the day, all I think is that my characters have so much more strength than I ever could. I think that sometimes when I’m writing I’m not even sure where their goodness comes from, but somehow it comes out. Somehow they find the strength within themselves, and I get a little jealous. It’s not always easy to do in reality.

I get jealous of their problems. An evil demon seems easier to deal with than a random grumpy mood that you can’t really trace back to anything in particular. At least if a character is grumpy, it’s strongly motivated. Or at least, we hope it is. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood, I think, it would be nice to know why I’m feeling this way. But at the same time, in my upcoming release, Tabitha is training to be a Warrior and is constantly denied because of her gender. That woman has real problems. Me? Not so much.

What do you think? Is it easier to escape into a high stakes world than deal with the issues that plague us in reality?


  1. Oh I definitely think our characters are much "bigger" than we are... I mean who would want to read a book about a working Mom who writes at night? Boring! LOL

    But add in that she's in love with a shapeshifter, or has a psychotic fantacial monk staling her and suddenly, we've got a page-turner! LOL

    Great blog Kinley!

    Lisa :)

  2. Enjoyed your post, Kinley. When I traveled for a living as a corporate road-warrior, I read fiction to deal with stress. Definitely escapism.

    Have a happy day!

  3. Love your post, Kinley. I think it's easier to escape into fiction because we know the outcome. At least, we know the end will be some kind of feel-good and that the problems of the character's world will be solved. Obviously, this is so unlike real life, where we have no answers on a daily basis and there is no guarantee our problems will be solved to our greatest advantage.
    With this in mind, I say it's okay to be jealous of our characters. Maybe they can keep us persevering in our own adversities. :)