Thursday, June 28, 2012

Variety in the Paranormal Genre

Bran Castle - Romania (Dracula's castle)
With the paranormal and fantasy genre, there are so many different kinds of beings out there. You have faeries, elves, vampires, werewolves, werecats, magic users, dragons... the list goes on. That's one of the things I enjoy, the variety and flavor of it. You can also have those beings in the past, present, or future. It all works.

Something I've been thinking about and have seen a few posts on say an author should stick to something specific like werewolves for example and establish themselves by writing werewolf stories since you'd be appealing to certain readers who like them and wouldn't like for instance a vampire or fae story.

I think it probably has some truth to it, but I know with myself that if I enjoy a writer's stories, I'd be willing to read whatever they wrote even if I first read one story and they had something different but was in the same genre. I'd wager I'm not alone in this.

One of the things I enjoy about writing is that if a plot bunny jumps up and smacks me with a story idea, I can follow that and see if it has any merit no matter if its a werewolf, an elf, or a technomage story. I adore werewolves, they're my absolute favorite, but I think if they were all I wrote, I'd probably get tired of them.

So, what do you guys think? Do you crave variety when you're reading and/or writing, or do you think it's best to stick to one subject?

Sarah Mäkelä 


  1. I've noticed that many of my dragon shifter readers ONLY read my dragon shifter stories, even if that story is part of a bigger series (like my Big City series).

    1. Really? That's interesting to know! With me, if I find a really good author, I'll read whatever s/he writes if it falls in the genres I enjoy.

  2. Variety is the spice of life. When it comes to reading and writing, I like variety. I get bored with one type. I do have my so-called favorites who write in specific genres and when I've satisfied my craving, I can switch to a different one. It's like cleaning my palette after eating a heavy meal.

  3. I say, to each his or her own. I read an author because I like his or her style, tone, voice, etc. I'm too eclectic in my reading tastes to ONLY read one type. Like Darcy said, variety. I write the same way. Taking from you Sarah, if a plot bunny jumps, that's what I'll go after. So if someone only wants to read/write one thing, more power to 'em. Hopefully, though, a reader won't butcher an author because said author writes in a broader range.

  4. Interesting question, Sarah. I like variety in both what I read and what I write. I've heard you should use a pen name if you stray into a new world. But If I really like an author, I read whatever they write.