Friday, July 13, 2012

Chaahk, God of Rain

We are finally getting rain this week--after last week's record-setting 100+ degrees temperatures. I've enjoyed the change in the weather (though not the migraine)--and we need the rain.

We've all heard of "rain dances" and rituals for appealing to the gods, mother nature, etc for rain, but one of the more interesting myths, to me, is that of the Mayan god, Chaahk.

The Mayans had more than 165 gods in their pantheon--most all of them nature gods. They even had a god of chocolate! (Chokola'j). They believed that the earth and sky were connected by a large tree--the branches were in the heavens and the roots in a watery underworld. After death, most people went to the underworld. Heaven was only for those who were sacrificed or for those who died in childbirth.

Chaahk was the Mayan god that represented rain and thunder. Like most of the Mayan gods, he had four faces--one for each ordinal direction. He is sort of reptilian in features--with tangled hair and a long snout. Tears flow from his eyes--and become rain. He wields a hammer that represents lightning--he hits the clouds with his hammer to make lightning and thunder. He was considered a benevolent god--he helped farmers in particular.


I thought it was pretty interesting, and I am looking forward to finding out more about the Mayan gods--I only knew of a few of them. I especially want to know more about the Chocolate god--I am wondering about the sacrifices to him. But today, I am really thankful for the rain.



  1. Interesting post, Kerry. I've only recently been introduced to the Mayan culture through the books of Jessica Andersen and the Final Prophesy (Nightkeepers series). Fascinating subject for romance novels. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're making me want chocolate now! lol Very interesting topic and great post, Kerry. :-)