Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Comic-Con Here I Come!

Hi everyone -

This is going to be a brief blog, but I'll supplement with pics of Comic-Cons gone by and hopefully that'll make up for the lack of words! LOL

If you've never heard of Comic-Con, it's the largest convention celebrating popular arts...  Comics, movies, television, cosplayers, authors, actors, and all sorts of artists and collectors gather in San Diego once a year for a weekend of fun and craziness...

And it starts on Thursday!!!!  SQUEE!!!!

And we've seen Dean Koontz speak about his Odd Thomas series that became a graphic novel series...
I  get to meet famous people like Bender from Futurama!!! LOL 

And where else in the world do you get to witness Skeletor interviewing Darth Vader??? :)

 Sherrilyn Kenyon has a booth every year, and she's SO sweet!  I've met her a few times...
Tim Burton came to visit one year...

He's just as cool and weird as you would expect!  Loved him! :)

And even my favorite Disney Villain shows up around the exhibition floor!!!

 My good pal, Barbara Vey, from Publisher's Weekly is also a regular attendee!!!  Last year I got to be her videographer!!  We had a blast... My first movie star crush ever was Sylvester Stallone and last year he was on an Expendables panel... Yes I squeeeeeeed out loud.... Many times! LOL

And then there are the "cosplayers"...  These are people who love characters enough that they slave over costumes and wigs and... Wings! :)  This is my daughter, Panda.  She dresses up in her own costumes she designs and makes from scratch!

And last year I was a witness to Ecto 1 getting a parking ticket!!!
Say it ain't so!!! LOL

And finally, the True Blood panels are amazing!!!

So I'll be busy tweeting and facebooking pics this weekend...  Can't wait!

Have you been to Comic-Con?  Maybe another fan convention somewhere close to you?  I'd love to hear your stories! :)



  1. Looks like a blast, Lisa. Have a great time!

    1. Thanks Dawn!!! It's definitely a great time and I highly recommend making a trip out someday! So fun!!! :)


  2. I'd love to go to Comic Con at some point. It just looks like sooo much fun. :-) They have something for everyone.

    1. Oh! And I hope you have a fabulous time!

    2. You definitely have to come someday!!! It's crowded and insane, but SOOO fun!!! :)


  3. Jealous, jealous! You have a blast!!!