Friday, July 20, 2012


Most of you know I am an associate editor at Entangled Publishing. I recently became managing editor for our new line--Covet. (yay!) Covet publishes paranormal category romance--and I think the launch books are spectacular. The concept of the line is pretty interesting--paranormal, but set in contemporary times and with a category sensibility. I hope you will check out the new books (launching later today!) and see what you think about the combination of paranormal and category. And I really hope to see some fabulous submissions to the line!

I've been really super busy editing--and it got me thinking. I think it would be fun to have an editing Q&A. I've learned so much behind the scenes (yes, I understand why it takes so long to hear about a submission--no, everyone isn't just ignoring it) and I'd love to share.

Does anyone have any questions about the editing process? If you haven't been through an edit with a publisher, it can be a real shocker. I know it was for me! Who knew that so many people would look over the book and help make it shine? Who knew that my words could be read in such a different way than I intended? lol If you are interested in learning more--please ask a question in the comments and I will address them in a future post.

I'd also like to know if anyone is interested in an Entangled pitch contest here on Castles and Guns. If you think that is something you might like to do--tell me!  I'll work on setting it up.

Also, I'd love to know which type of paranormal character you most love to read about--and if you have a least favorite, I'd like to know that too. I like reading about vamps (especially sexy ones).  I like witches, too. And fairies. I think my least favorite might be angels. Not because I have anything against angels, but I think I just have such preconceived notions that it makes it difficult to read about them or get into their stories.

I'd appreciate any feedback and questions!



  1. How does someone go about getting into editing/proofreading for an actual career? I've always wondered but never knew where to start!

  2. Of course you can get a major in writing and editing and start out that way. Or, you can apply for an internship at a publisher. Usually you would start out as a reader for the publisher. The best way to prepare, in my opinion, is to read, read, read! :)

  3. I like any type of paranormal character if they are interesting. If the author has a twist on the usual, that draws me in.