Monday, July 23, 2012

I Deviate from Romance

Since I was a teen, most every book I read has been a romance in some form or another. But my reading tastes are not exclusive to romance. I love fantasy, mystery, horror, to name some other genres. Recently, to celebrate the completion of a WIP of mine, I cracked open a novel by James Rollins. I highly recommend his books, if you haven't read him before.

I first heard about him from a short article written by Eloisa James several years ago. She spoke highly of his works, and I decided to give him a try. I read one, then went back and gobbled up his backlist. Now I eagerly await every new release. I can't get enough of his stories. He's written several stand-alones, some young adult books and the highly popular Sigma series. Spies, scientists, ex-military men and women who kick ass and go back for more. Beyond the great characters, I love to read Rollins because he delves into seemingly impossible topics and makes them believable. The blink-of-an-eye natural destruction of the Earth; super intelligent animals; horrific hidden mysteries beneath the ice. When I start one of his books, it's impossible to put down!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered he cut his writing teeth not on adventure/thriller, which is what he's know for, but fantasy under the pen name James Clemens. He wrote several stories under this pen, and I highly recommend them, especially Shadow Fall and Hinterland.

So as this summer heats on, click on over to see if any of these stories call out to you.

James Rollins website:

James Clemens website:

Happy Reading!


  1. I love Jim Rollins. First met him at PNWA and he is a genuine individual, still belongs to his original critique group.

  2. I agree- the man rocks! Saw him at Comic Con a few years ago (he was there this year too, but I missed it). VERY cool and down to earth guy along with being wickedly talented!

  3. Oh, I'm envious of both of you! Darcy, it is cool he's still with his original group. That alone says a lot about any author. And Marie, you are so right to call him "wickedly talented." Aside from thoroughly enjoying his tales, I suppose a part of me hopes some of his talents will rub off on me. :P