Thursday, July 19, 2012

Man, So Hipster! I Read That Book Before It was Even Written.

Last time I blogged about helpful phone apps for writers and one of three was Agent Obvious by Laurie Abkemeier. Today while brainstorming the subject for my blog this time around (or semi-subject that may involve some rambling) I spotted something else from Laurie Abkemeier. In my Twitter feed was a link to her blog post about literary agencies and Amazon.

If you haven't yet, I'd definitely give it a read. Several key points I found were valuable as they made me look at linking to sellers and book sales in general in a different light.

"...there are many literary agencies that are linking solely to Amazon. Some have even set up affiliate programs to earn money on sales made after clicking through from their sites. These agencies represent thousands of authors—authors who make appearances at struggling brick-and-mortar stores and who depend on a healthy, vibrant book-selling industry."
Since jumping into this business to learn everything I possibly could (a never ending quest, of course) I have bought a few books from browsing agency websites. It's still rare. I would never have thought to do it as a reader only, but I'm sure those referrals add up.

Buying books in brick-and-mortar stores only is near impossible. Limited space and selection means that not everyone's needs can be met in their entirety. But there is something magical about walking the aisles of a bookstore and the tangible feedback to all of the senses. I especially love independent bookstores that stock both new and used titles. If I enjoy these spots as I claim, then it makes sense to support them, yeah?

In that spirit, check out IndieBound! Besides full of useful information and fun resources, the site has a search engine tool to find independent bookstores in your area. One of my favorites in Charlotte is Julia's Cafe & Books, which is a Habitat for Humanity program and connected to a ReStore. I love that! Books, coffee, and a great program.

Do you have a favorite indie bookstore nearby? Or, if you buy your reading material mainly online, which is your favorite seller? :)

Oh, and the reason for the blog title is that it made me giggle as I was typing it. Wink!

-Darcy (of the Drake variety)

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